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Get Designer Gujarati Lagna Patrika and Customized E-invites this Wedding Season

by Neha Maurya about a year ago in wedding invitations
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Impress your guests with new trend

Gujarati Celebrity E-invites

Gujarati Lagna Patrika or wedding invitation card is better known as Kankoti. And in Indian tradition wedding invitation card plays a vital role, as with the exchange of lagna patrika starts the celebration of wedding ceremonies.

Traditionally, hand written or printed lagna patrikas were taken to the close relatives, neighbors and friend to invite them to the wedding and enlighten the occasion with their presence.

With modernization, beautifully cut designed cards or creative cards came in to add impressive elements in the marriage preparation. Designer cards with creative designs and vibrant colors were added to make a first impression on the guests.

Lately, moving with the development, the concept digital wedding invitation cards came into trend. Simple invitation templates to creative text or video e-invites, mentioning name of to-be-bride and groom, date, place of marriage came into existence.

Find Best Gujarati Lagan Patrika

Gujarati Lagan Patrika or Kankotri, has a significant importance in Gujarati wedding. The exchange of lagan patrikas between the groom and brides family initiates the wedding ceremony.

At lovely wedding mall, you can find a designer range of traditional lagan patrika available to add colorful element to your ceremony.

Designer Wedding Invitation Cards & E-Invites

Today, wedding invitation or just a ceremony invitation cards are not just meant to invite guests to the function but is also focused on impressing them. People are spending their both time and use creative ideas to explore the best invitation card ideas to impress their guests.

Designer cards to Digital invites, traditional to modern variations of creative invitations are in trend today. Low budget to grand wedding your invitation card is the primary source of attraction to the guests and to impress them to have numerous options to explore and choose the best one of them.

Lovely wedding mall, is an online platform to help you with the search. From beautiful designer wedding cards, Single function cards like for bachelorette party or sangeet/engagement ceremony etc, to mesmerizing laser cut cards options are available for you at your fingertips to choose and your cards customized.

Exclusive range of beautifully decorated Gujarati special Vevai kankotri invitation box is available to add royalty to your invitation.

Going with the trend of digital e-invitation, lovely wedding offers a fascinating range of customizable e-invite templates at variable price range. Themed invites are available like for engagement, wedding, save the date etc. The platform also offers Caricature theme invites where your caricature image is created to give you customized invitation card with a cartoonist twist.

Digital e-invites are available for other function as well like for housewarming, baby shower, inauguration etc.

If these invitation options are not enough for you and you are searching for more exciting and creative options to surprise your guests, lovely wedding mall brings you a new concept of Celebrity e-invites.

Celebrity E-Invite

Celebrity E-invite concept might sound quite amusing to you. As the name suggests, Will a celebrity invite your guests on your behalf? The answer is yes.

Famous Indian Hindi TV actors to Gujarati actors like Amar Upadhayay, Anang Desai, Jay Bhanushali are available on the platform, to add surprise to your invitation.

Your favorite actor will invite your guests on your behalf to your celebration. You can choose your favorite stars from the list of actors on the platform. Add you personalized message for guests and friends and order. Your message will be recorded by the actor in Video, downloadable mp4 format which you can email or send via, message or whatsapp as an invitation.

Various Hindi to Gujarati Celebrity E-invite options are available for you to impress your guests with new trendy form of invitation.

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