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by Louis Nelson 5 months ago in proposal
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Day in a life

Day in a life

Imagine with me.

After leaving a failed marriage of 8 months with a woman he met while looking for someone to help with his business plan.

He had an idea to commission black bag designers to design leather bags, manufacture the bags in the USA, then sell the bags, with a gimmick." some of the proceeds would fund programs for black men."

He was unemployed, battling, the STATE OF NY over child support and visitation rights.

He'd created trusts to transfer his assets.

He appointed trustees whose sole responsibilities were to increase and multiply his money, among other duties included, directly depositing money into his oldest daughter's bank account every week ( She was away at college),( the only other benefactor, besides himself) by-passed the courts and his daughters' mother.

To maintain a driver's license from the threat of the child support enforcement agency, he'd gotten on public assistance.

An EBT card carrying alumni.

He took advance of programs for fathers on child support.

One of the programs was car rental.

With verification a father is booking job interviews, he was given a car with a gas card and insurance to use as long every Friday he submits by fax, a copy of a form they provided with Monday to Friday date and time scheduled listing job interviews.

He bunker down in 2 bedroom basement apartment in Elmont, Long Island NY.

He'd purchased that 3 family house 13 years earlier, while on a rent option to buy with his brother as their bachelor pad.

A few Wonderful years later.

His bother got married and stayed in the house with newly Bride

He moved out with the mother of his 2 daughters' (1-year-old and 6 years old) into a mansion on the water in Baywater Rockaway NY.

He Purchased the mansion for $335,000.

He added $200,000 ( 70% sweat equity) in renovations, 3 years later he sold it for $1,500.000.

The basement apartment had become vacant and available.

A girl tenant was evicted, she didn't pay rent for 2 years.

November, early Tuesday, he's on his PC, laptop, tablet, and cell phone searching the internet and making phone calls.

Inquiring about cost and lead times, interviewing black bag designer for his leather bags, leather manufacturer in the Midwest USA, wholesaler, warehouses, market analysis, and investors.

Simultaneously studying how to beat the blood-sucking, non compassionate, and unreasonable family court system.

It's chess, not checkers.

His phone rings.

His best friend called with an invitation to lunch at a new Cafe on Fulton St, Brooklyn NY.

The start of gentrification in that community.

He'd made a fortune there in the early 90's.

Buying crackheads grandma's brownstones

Flipping them on the same closing table.

3-4 buildings at a sit-down singing.

During those years he own and operated with his best friend a men's shelter for MICA patents, off b'way n green.

There were no facilities for that recently diagnosed population. There were Psychiatric wards at neighborhood hospitals for the mentally ill and rehabs at every community outreach center for chemical abusers, but not for both conditions combined (which was a lou lou.)( no pun intended.)

They occupied and maintain 25 patents in 20 beds in a brownstone his best friend inherited from his father. At $1500 per bed per month from SSI: to house, feed 2 meals per day ( breakfast and dinner) and send patents to a community outreach program weekdays from 8 am- 4 pm.

It's a nice spot, a melting pot of patrons.

Prices on the menu are seen high. They ordered burgers, fries, and cokes.

His best friend says " you cheap bastard, please don't pull out of your wallet the 1st dollar you made, to prove you are money-wise. I got the tab "

His best friend continues to speak, suggesting his muse can help with the business plan.

Bro. you have a muse?

His friend answers "Yes, she prays with me every morning.

She writes and/ or edits my speeches and accompanies me to some political event.

She is a certified Rhodes Scholar.

She writes 3 to 4 business plans per day and has written $3 million - $20 million grants over a weekend.

She receives 10 % of each grant she writes as compensation.

She is on her way here, now, to get you.."

He said "Huh?. Wait? Get me?"

His friend reply "Yes, you have to help her get a few items from home depot and Michael's to build and decorate a giant book."

He asks "What makes you believe, I don't have other things to do?"

His friend says "If you can "huh" you can hear.

What are you going to do?

Sit in that dungeon forever, You can't beat city hall.

I'm participating in dancing with the Stars tonight.

5 other community personalities are competing.

I'm going to be a genie coming out a book, dance with a woman partner to house music."

His friend's cell phone rings, His friend motion for them to go outside to meet her.

She pulls up in a red Jimmy GMC.

They walk over to her car. She gets out, walks around the car onto the sidewalk.

She is short, 5 feet 6 inches in heels, a natural height of about 5 feet 3 inches.

Pleasantly pump in body shape.

Voluptuous curves on top, less on the bottom.

Big, (I mean big!) Professionally stylish hairdo. Hair everywhere (Peggy, from married with children )( yet in good taste on a black woman).

Intoxicating full soul vacuuming lips and sensual erotic eyes.

Wide bright beautiful smile with the prettiest white teeth that lit up Fort Greene.

Her complexion was sunshine toasted honey caramel.

Her attitude was happy-go-lucky.

Not a care in the world.

Her spirit was warm and inviting.

She wears along to ankles length wool khaki skirt and a low neckline white alpaca blouse.

Her jewelry was glamorous matching 3 of each on everywhere 3 earrings in each ear, 3 necklaces, and 3 bracelets on both her wrist and ankles.

Matching Bergdorf tangerine-colored ostrich skin sexy stiletto, handbag, and leather blazer with a scarf.

Smelling like a billionaire.

Both men bent down to kiss and hug her.

Then they went back inside the Cafe, to discuss the logistics of preparing for the event in 5 hours, over overpriced beverages.

His first appointment to meet with her for his business was scheduled for 1 pm Thursday.

He arrived a tad early, at her house, a brownstone in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn NY.

She greeted him at the door and invited him in.

All barefoot 5'-3" body, Bigger hair, brighter smile and

Heavy silk, shoulder strapped pastel printed day dress jumped into his arms.

Her feet leap off the hardwood parquet floor, he meets her halfway with his one foot larger frame, lift her by the hips up and bend for their face-to-face greeting cheek to cheek with a loving hug and kiss.

She smells better than before.

He asks her "what's that perfume?"

She replies " I have non one."

Her house was immaculate.

Star-studded chandeliers illuminated the whole house. Extremely clean, one could run a white glove through it.

No dust in the entire house.

Period classic furniture, wall art, miniature statuses, well-manicured and maintained rainbow spectrum colored house plants, stone crystal minerals of all sizes and shaped more vibrant in colors and light rays

then the plants and a few candles interchanging Scented aromas from one room to the next, nicely arranged and place as they were costumed made for its position.

They sat on a yellow cashmere couch fit for a party of 3 couples.

He explained his business venture and he need her to help create a plan.

Several hours had passed without noticing the time.

The consultation evolved into a conversation.

The subjects of conversing took all sorts of life's turns, twists, ups and downs, good, bad or indifference, wins, losses, or draws

She offered him wine and appetizers homemade Spinach, artichokes, onions, red bell peppers in mashed cauliflower dip with broccol, carrots, and celery. Then cooked him a complete meal, spicy Cajun Lamb chops, served with Sauteed potatoes mushrooms gravy garlic asparagus, and avocado salad.

She whipped up frozen white Hennessy and Baileys Irish Cream daiquiris with their meal.

After they ate, she suggested taking their drinks outside to the moonlight lite garden.

She grabbed 2 wood logs off a pile then put them in a bronze fire pit. With a flip of a switch, a drawing fire blazed, cutting down the November night chill in the air.

She lit 2 Cuban cigars off the controlled inferno, one at a time.

Placing the first one in his mouth then puffing a long drag and exhaling on the 2nd she lit for herself

In the wee hours of the next day, she looks deep into his eyes and stops him from talking.

Their sparkling glazing eyes met

She said to him

" you are brilliant."

To be continued.


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