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"Divorce cooling-off period" is trending: If you don't get this resolved, love will be hard

The man thought it would be difficult to live a good life just after marriage. If he knew that the woman was like this, he should not register so soon. Naturally, the woman's family was not convinced, and felt that they had not lived together and bullied others like this.

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It has been three months since the divorce cooling-off period came into effect on January 1, 2021.

Some are still relatively peaceful, some have already exploded, some in the cooling-off period suddenly intensified conflict, and some could have been smooth divorce, but because of mediation can not proceed smoothly......

832 couples in Hangzhou gave up divorce due to cooling-off period

According to the latest divorce statistics from Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, a total of 2,186 divorce applications were accepted in Hangzhou in January, and 38 percent of them gave up the registration after applying for divorce.


The post-80s and post-90s are the generation of only children. Some people in this age group have entered the role of "small family" and become independent economically and in life, but they have not been emotionally "separated" from their families of origin.

During this period there is a couple of 90 after husband and wife, not a few days of registration, marriage ceremony has not done, but two people in order to buy a living room lamp quarreled over.

The woman likes bright bright crystal lamp, feel hanging in the living room atmosphere; Men think it's too fancy, not practical, not much opportunity to use. The result, the woman went home to the parents "complaint", mother-in-law picked up the phone and scolded the son-in-law.

Instead of settling the matter, however, it caused a deeper conflict.

The man thought it would be difficult to live a good life just after marriage. If he knew that the woman was like this, he should not register so soon. Naturally, the woman's family was not convinced, and felt that they had not lived together and bullied others like this.

As a result of the parents impulsive sentence "divorce divorce", the next day, both parents with the couple appeared in the divorce registration office.


In recent years, the number one reason for divorce is boredom and not wanting to stay married due to arguments over trivial matters.

For example, a bad job, bringing emotions back home, confinement, taking care of children caused tension between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, house demolition and other family problems may lead to a disharmonious relationship between husband and wife, and eventually break down. But this is the case through marriage and family counseling, the highest rate of slow separation.

For a long time, perhaps already obliterated the flash point of love, also few people go back to savor the original reason hand in hand those details.

When entering the marriage hall, everyone is full of good expectations for the future, no one can guess the future results.

Only after really living together, gradually found the problem.

Differences in thinking between men and women

When their needs are not met, it will lead to a lot of small conflicts, neither of them has the will to run a good relationship, and both want to make themselves comfortable, which will make the relationship go bad.

Get your partner's attention

Some people go out of their way to get their partner's attention after a couple has a problem. And a lot of times, we don't see the reason behind our behavior, losing our temper, controlling our partner, being forceful and trying to get our partner to do what we want. These behaviors can fuel conflict and drain the relationship.

Marriage is from the romantic love into the reality of responsibility and commitment. Problems between couples are not terrible, as long as you open your heart to face together, it is possible to reopen the channel of a better life.


The divorce of ordinary people, it is true to leave with scars all over the body, but looking back at this relationship in the past, can not with regret and resentment, is very rare.

If in the days together, try our best, or can not help each other become the so-called better person.

On the day that it really ended, at least two people did the right thing for once.

Marriage or divorce, after all, marriage is a life event, we need to think calmly before making a decision, and understanding the Marriage Law should be the premise of thinking about marriage.

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