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Dear Future husband

by Musulyn M 2 months ago in grooms

An open letter inspired by Their eyes were watching God

I freestyle painted you a pear as symbol of our love that is to come

Its been a year

and Its quite clear that

I have a lot of fears

I often wonder if you are near

and I often ponder if you will be sincere

responsive when you hear what's not being said

when I weep tears,

of loneliness

within my cosmic holiness

through prayer

I will never despair.

For you see its quite rare

that I care

if anybody is, indeed truly there

and, to be fair

I am always prepared

never truly scared

but like I mentioned

its been brought to my attention

in light of my ascension

that I harbour a lot of apprehensions

and preconceptions

Newton pond, Surrey BC

An emotional, who is also devotional yet very untraditional

whos love is never conditional unoriginal or divisional

I must struggle

in unsubtle ways

and endure the delays

that have been placed in my way

but yet some people say

I am in my own way

like night & day

they speak things they dont mean

and claim the unseen

but they dont understand that I am still growing

and forgoing


But it's okay. They forgot.

most of them arent even apart of my plot

but to say

your time is going

your time is scarce,

It just adds more stress

to my progress

I dont genuinely believe in anybody's doctrinaire

because most people are very unaware

they declare they care

but all they do is


my time is not marked

nor is it in the cart

for you see within my dark

is how I found my spark

alone on my own

in the unknown

Picture taken by Kyra Wilchuck

I learned how to carry my pain

and how to maintain my sane

they dont understand

that I dont need a man

to be a part of my plan.

but I wonder, sometimes I even ponder

what it would be like to not be alone.

all others can surround you

even your mother

but there's nothing like having another

God said we are made in pairs

and some even dare

to declare marriage

in hopes of tying the knot

because that's what they obviously want

to find the one who brings them joy, so they no longer have to play coy

they desire to retire


by their muse

who renews

their zest for life

Picture taken by Kyra wilchuck

I think that's why most men seek out wives

a union

is proven to help in the grand scheme of things when it comes to evolution

And I agree

For you see, I'm past the point of just needing me.

In all honesty, I envision We,

I may not need you but I desire

like the symbolism of the pear

to aspire towards prosperity,

serenity, fidelity, & longevity

and I hope that you can be a part of the remedy

that heals the soul

back to whole

like a nourishing meal

that's ideal

in time you will be revealed

This love I pray is here to stay

to bring anew

health, future happiness

and steadiness with you

a lot of we may go through

however my view

is that I will continuously pursue and love you.

for I wish to meet while still in our prime

Still, do take your time

for when the stars align

you will be mine

in bliss

we will kiss

and sing songs about swans

at the bronze of sunset or sunrise

as we gaze into one anothers eyes

it wont matter who criticizes

for we will only recognize the community that

our enterprise energize

in twos, we were created

our destinies, my love, they're fated

salvation waits for us in elation

a higher vibration

of love

like two doves intertwined

and aligned

Forgivness, mercy & understanding

never someone who is demanding

or cheap

but someone who also enjoys a peach

on the beach

Stanley Park Vancouver

alongside tranquillity, intimacy and peace

much like the pear

My dear, please prepare.

fore I am fully aware

that you are somewhere

out there


Musulyn M

My name is Musulyn,& I am the creator of L'énergie Féminine & The Helping Healer. I am a Health & Wellness Copywriter, Digital content Creator & hopeful Holistic Nutritionist.

I love to create, write, paint & blog.

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Musulyn M
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