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Dating Mistakes

Things that put men off

By Miracle Published 4 months ago 8 min read

Today I'm going to be sharing with you 4 things that you are doing that's turning men off!

now this is strictly for the ladies but I know that there's some guys who definitely can read it as well. let me know if the points I'm going to be sharing in this article are accurate in the comments.

So, my dear elegant ladies you would all agree with me that we need the men folks in our lives just as much. Some people say that they don't like or they don't need men, they can do without men and all of that. We definitely still need men in our lives as much as this men need us in their lives as well and some people are actually finding it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship or even find someone to be in a relationship with because you're making certain mistakes that are turning men off. It is important that you know what these mistakes are so that you can stop making them just in case you make them, so you can increase your chances of finding a man or a partner, and I'm going to be as honest as possible we all need men in our lives period.

Mistake Number One

Being Overly Desperate: This one is most especially when you first meet a guy or you are in the beginning stages of getting to know a guy or a guy getting to know you. When a woman is overly obsessive, desperate and too forward, things she would do are calling the guy constantly, maybe after going on a date with a guy you find that you are the one who constantly calls who is constantly texting who is constantly wanting to find out what the guy is about up to constantly, you're just so freaking forward. For some women, the very first date a guy takes them out on, right there they finish planning the whole wedding and they finish planning how many children they will have with these guys, while that shouldn't even be in your head. That happens when you're being overly desperate and just overly obsessive about finding a man. A man is taking out on a date for the first time I know in your head you just assume that you are going to be his wife. that's not how it works, just because a man asks you out on a date doesn't mean that he necessarily even wants to actually date you. He's taking or asking you out on a date to find out certain things about you, so if during the dates or after the dates you are already acting so forward and obsessive, trust me he's going to back off and you'll be wondering why he has not reached out to you or he has suddenly stopped calling you. when you first meet a guy resist the urge to be overly forward and obsessive with him practice self-control let the man do the chasing, it's their work to chase you, you are the queen, you are the one who should be chased. Even in the Bible, Solomon said it in all of his wisdom he said he who finds. He who finds a wife finds a good thing. Who is doing the finding? who is doing the chasing? The man is the one finding, you are just being there pretty sitting still living your life. Let this man come and find you stop finding him leave him alone ladies!

Mistake Number Two

Being overly Braggadocious: being so loud and boastful about your self-achievements. This one is also especially when you just meet this man for the very first time or you guys are in the initial stages of your friendship, you are so braggadocious you want the man to know so well that you have achieved something for yourself,especially if you're a woman of substance who was actually really putting a lot of work to achieve stuff for herself. You are overly braggedocious about your achievements. You say how you achieve that, how you did that, how you want this, how your that picks. With the various minimum at the beginning stage no one needs to know all of your accolades because with the male ego, when a man sees that a woman is an overachiever and then she's very outspoken and Braggadocious about it, it might put him off a bit, especially because men always like to be the ones who are heard. I'm not saying that you should be

suppressive of your achievements or you should hide your achievements because you want to land a man, No! I'm saying when you first meet that man at the initial stage don't

be braggadocious about it that's not all

you should be talking about don't talk about it too much in fact don't even talk about it at all

just "be" about it, let the man see you being about it. There's a difference between overly being braggadocious about something and

when you're just living out that thing and being about it, so don't brag about your achievements. I've traveled to 10 million countries no one cares, don't even talk about it, let him see your passport and all the Visas, let him be the one to discover these things on his own. But when you constantly blow your own trumpets trust me, it puts men off especially the men who are very egoistic. Men are egoistic by Nature you cannot change that about them. Again this does not mean I'm telling you to suppress yourself or suppress your achievement just because you want to impress a man or you want to land a man. I'm not saying that, I'm just saying there's a time and place for everything. Being braggadocious at the initial stages of your friendship or relationship with a guy trust me will not keep that man there I promise you

and even if it will keep him there he'll probably just take advantage of you. Just try and keep it on the downlow okay?

Mistake Number Three

Offering to pay on a date all the time:

Now sometimes women in a bid to show that they are women of class, of value, of substance and all of those things they tend to overdo let me put it that way, just because they want to show the guy that they can take care of themselves and they don't need the guy's help, they tend to offer to pay for thingse specially when they go on a date with a guy. Iam telling you something today stop it, especially if you're dealing with a high value man and I believe that every woman who is reading this definitely wants to land a high value man. When you dealing with a high value man who understands his responsibilities, he will not allow you pay for any dates especially when you guys are just in the initial starting out phase of the relationship. So when you go on a date with a man stop offering to pay for things, men want the opportunity to show you that they can take care of you, when you take away that opportunity from them you are hurting their ego and I'm saying this for real true high value men, I'm not talking about the wishy-washy men. High value men always want to show that with their women that they can provide and take care and protect them. If you go on a date and take away that opportunity from him how does he prove to you that he can take care of you. Trust me he starts to look at you funny. Some men will be out spoken and say oh don't worry I'll pay the bill, some men will keep quiet and just observe you based on your actions. Don't offer, don't even ask if you should pay when a man takes you out let him pay the bills it's his responsibility to pay the bills, let him be him, stop paying the bills when you go out on a date. Again I'm saying especially at the beginning stages of a friendship or relationship let him be the one to pay the bills. The Dynamics can change if you're already advanced in the relationship or if you're even married. Sometimes you can offer to take your man out on a date and pay the bills for him. Still you definitely can do that but at the initial beginning stages when you guys are still getting to know each other let that man pay the bill and if the man will not pay the bill if he shows signs of selfishness that man is not a high value man.

Forth Mistake

Demanding that he pays your transport fare when he invites you out on a date: You see the third point I made about paying on the dates, and how some women actually want to show that they are women of substance and they want to pay on the dates, this is the time for you to pay and show that you are the woman of substance, pay your own transportation, stop demanding that the man in your life or the man who has invited you out on a date pay your transportation. There's nothing classy and elegant about a person or a woman who cannot even handle something as little as her own transportation. Now don't say but he's the one inviting me out on a date why shouldn't he pay for my fare. If he's inviting you out on the date and you have agreed to go on that date with him why should he be the one to pay your transportation, is he the only one receiving value from that date won't you be receiving something of value from that date as well? you're making it look like you are doing the man a favor and the man is not doing you any. You are doing the man favor by going on the dates. That's not how it works, if he invites you out on a date and you agree to go on that date the least you can do is pay your own transportation unless the man offers to pay, unless he offers to pay don't demand that he pays your transportation and if you don't have money to pay your transportation you can just simply come up with an excuse and say I can't make it out today or whatever, for whatever reason and find a time when you actually have money to go.


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  • Apostle Joshua Ekeh4 months ago

    This is so so insightful Thank you for this great piece

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