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Both men and women yearn for a long-lasting and comfortable love

by Luna卢娜 2 months ago in proposal
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A tired life requires a gentle dream and a very loving person. Both men and women yearn for a long-lasting and comfortable love. As a woman, only if you understand a man and pay according to the needs of a man, can you finally get the love you want.

Maybe many women think men are too simple, thinking that they don't need anything other than their physical needs. This is not the case. You want him to understand you, and you should understand him, so that the relationship can be better maintained. If you want to win a man's heart, you don't just think about "what I want", but "what does he want". Only by understanding his psychology can you better prescribe the right medicine. In fact, in addition to "physiological needs", men need these three things more. Women must understand, the sooner they understand the better.

1. The need for recognition. No matter men or women, they don't want a "negative partner" around them. Everyone needs to be affirmed, especially when he is not confident enough, he needs your support. I believe everyone has heard the saying: "Behind a successful man, there is a great woman." I think, this woman is not necessarily great, but she will give him a sense of identity and make him feel that he is the best. Many times, a man is like a child, and he also needs the encouragement of others, especially the support of his partner, which will make him feel more fulfilled and full of strength. In a relationship, a sense of identity is very important, especially a man's heart needs your affirmation more, which will make him feel at ease and make him work harder.

2. I need your worship. Most of today's women are independent, but most of them are single. They don't need you to support her, let alone get married to prove their worth. This also makes a man very frustrated. Even with you, he will feel that he is not worth it, he will not feel your needs, and even feel inferior in front of you. In fact, what a man needs most is your admiration. At this point, you have to admire Cai Shaofen's emotional intelligence. At the beginning, Zhang Jin's status was not as good as hers, but she would never say her husband's bad in front of outsiders. I have been cheering for my husband, and every time I look at her husband with admiration, as if there is only one Zhang Jin in the world. It is also with the support of Cai Shaofen that Zhang Jin has achieved higher achievements now, and the relationship between the two has not changed for so many years. He works hard to live up to your expectations.

3. You need a soul mate. Many women feel that men are superficial, and they do not need those inner pursuits, only simple physiological needs. If you think so, it means that you have misunderstood the man, and he is the same. He wants to pursue a spiritual fit and find a soul mate, which will make him feel very comfortable. After all, no matter how good-looking the skin is, it can't compare to an interesting soul. If this person can bring him more spiritual growth and other joys in life, he will like her more. Everyone's pursuit is different. Some people pursue superficial happiness, while others pursue more advanced enjoyment. For a man, he also needs a soul mate, so that when two people are together, they can have deeper communication.

Women's emotions are delicate, and sometimes they identify with a person and want to go with him for the rest of their lives; men's emotions are rough, they like a person who wants to accompany them and want to meet each other day and night. From the moment you and your lover meet, the cold winter will be over, and the galaxy will be bright.


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