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As You Wish...

by ONyXWiNGs ARt 12 months ago in wedding invitations
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My project for my happily ever after...

It was a late 1980s I met young lady who would change my life forever. We were children, experiencing the feelings of Love for the first time. We barely knew what that meant, let alone where it would take us. On and off for next two years we dated, talked on the phone for hours, and fell head over heels for each other. I didnt know it back then, but in my all knowing adolecent wisdom I told this young lady I would marry her someday.

That didnt happen. We soon found out she would be moving to Kansas. As teenagers that meant the life we wanted to have would not be able to happen. It would in fact mean that we would fall away from wach other for the next several decades by the time we ended high school. What we did have, was our memories of each other, and out times together at camp and youth group.

All that happened in between that time and now will be time for a future story. But see, somehow by the grace of God we found each other again. We somehow found our way back, and realized that the embers of our feelings we had all those many years ago were still burning deep in out hearts. Now, we are going to be wed this summer in July.

As we began to plan out what we wanted our theme to be, we both felt a pull to the movie that we loved 3 decades ago. The Princess Bride. This began our journey to the creation that is OUR wedding idea. Well, not just ideas but also our projects. My beloved began making the floral center pieces which will be used as pens to write a bucket list list. And I began working on the ideas for our invitations.

I had a vision for my invites, and could not find anything online I felt was not a carbon copy of everything else. So the project took a new turn. I love scrap booking and paper crafting, so I figured why not use that passion for our invites. For hours I drew, cut, pieced and glued together the ideas I had until they all finally came together.

The first piece was a nice little homage to our friend Miracle Max. Thankfully our love was only mostly dead, and we felt that this all took a miracle. Not to mention we also asked people to join as we stormed the castle. This was hand drawn and I scissor cut the pieces to be glued on the back of the card.

The card itself was numerous die cut, hand cut, fiskar straight edge cut, and cricut cut pieces. We had a parchment roll that states they are cordially invited which was surrounded by buttercups. These accents were over a cut castle with foil trees in the back ground.

As you open the card it states “ As you wish “ hand drawn as old and fairy tale as I could muster. This was over a foil inlay that held the RSVP and info page for the ceremony and day at hand. The ceremony information, was also a parchment piece over a foil deco cut. Everything was done created by hand, making each piece that was cut the same while also making each card its own individual unique piece of art. I went through 1000’s of glue squares and dots and yards of tape, and tape line. But it was sooo worth it.

With 70 of those cut, crafted, glued, stuffed and mailed we are moving on to our home made Ofrenda, our location signs, handwritten calligraphy place cards, and movie quote plaques. We have some more work to do, but these invitation and floral arrangement have been a total hit. I have even had someone ask me to create theirs when they set their date!! Being an artist it was very difficult for me to look at the cookie cutter things that are being offered online. I really have to feel blessed that I was able to create and make so many different parts of our special day.

30 years later I get to finally keep my promise I made all those years ago to that shy little lady who was my world. I will get to marry my beautiful Princess Bride.

Thank you for reading ONyX.

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