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An Everlasting Love

by Prince Jayy 2 months ago in proposal

A Moment In Time A Reminder Of Hope

An Everlasting Love
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Today is a very special day for me it marks my 3rd year anniversary with my fiancée I have never more happy than I am now with the love of my life several months ago I bought her a beautiful engagement ring. I'm going to propose to her today after she gets off work I picked the perfect spot for us before I met my girlfriend my life started falling downhill with one tragic event following another everything became so hopeless I lost the will to live.

My car was taken away from me I was so behind on my payments due to my gambling addiction I couldn't afford to keep up on my car note then I got evicted not too long after that so I was forced to live on the streets and become homeless for weeks freezing and starving very night. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse for me I was physically assaulted by several men my body was in very bad shape I had 6 fractured ribs, a broken jaw, and a broken wrist.

It took 5 months to fully heal, recover, and overcome my trauma what happened next was about to change my life forever that was the day I met my fiancée she was a neuro surgeon with a PHD in medicine we didn't hit it off at first I was still going to therapy and psychological counseling for my PTSD. One day I walked in to see her at her job and asked was she single she replied no I'm not how are you holding up I responded fantastic and in the process of healing she told me she wishes a speedy recovery so I asked when will she be available for a date she told me Saturday evening.

As each moment passed by we grew closer together and bonded with one another I eventually asked her to be my girlfriend and settle down with her. She told me yes and was overly filled with joy after a while she helped me get my own place I was staying with her until I got back on my feet she was my light, my hope, my joy, and the bright sun that illuminated the darkness inside me it's finally time to take things to the next level today is the day I finally propose to the woman I love.

Baby I have a surprise for you it's something I wanted to do for a while we've been together for 3 years you brought the best out of me, made my life better, inspired me to be a greater person and gave me a reason to live Samantha Denise Jones will you marry me and become my beautiful wife in sickness and in health till death do us part.

Samantha: yes baby of course I'll marry you I want to spend the rest of my life with you your my happiness, joy, and everything I envisioned in a man I love you so much baby

I love you too I'm so overwhelmed with joy your the best thing that's happened to me

Now that I proposed to my beautiful, loving, adoring, amazing, fiancée we have to plan our wedding I'm ready to get married not right now of course there's still a lot of things that need to fall into place. I'm finally at the point in my life where everything has fallen into place for me I haven't been this happy in such a long time not since I got accepted into Princeton University my mom and dad along with the rest of my family we're stunned they were so excited with joy that someone in their family got accepted into a prestigious university I really made them proud.

Your probably wondering how did someone who went to a prestigious university graduated with honors and was at the top of his class how could someone like that end up in the streets and become homeless. I'll explain my situation after I graduated and got my degree in quantitative and computational biology all my friends, relatives, and sponsors were there to support me that night I had a big party to celebrate my success and achievement I had so much fun in fact that I got addicted to gambling.

My goal was to get a job in the field I got my degree in little did I know so many companies wanted me to work for them I had so many job offers they saw my incredible, superb, talented skills. I didn't know which one to pick there we're so many great ones to choose from so I talked to my mother she suggested that I pick the one that connects with me best a company that treats their employees with kindness and respect.

Shortly after that I thanked my mother and wanted to apply for one of the companies I took a strong interest in but something unexpected happened just as I was about to apply I closed my computer shut it down and had a strong urge to gamble and make money. Whether it was the lottery, poker, spades, or any card game I developed a Physiological dependence on gambling I didn't know it at the time the more and more I played the more hooked I became on making money by any means necessary.

As each day went by I played and played and played until I eventually went broke I spent all my paychecks on gambling I was so distracted in fact that I just forgot about my degree, my success, my life, and the job I forgot to apply so eventually I had my car taken away from me along with being evicted from my apartment. My mom didn't know I was gambling nor did anyone know I was in the streets I had no way to contact her or anyone for that matter every time I asked someone for help they ran away.

I can't really blame them most people won't help a homeless person out because so many of them have pretended to be poor and homeless or have been attacked. I was forced to eat food out the dumpster sometimes steal from nearby stores just to survive I know it was very wrong to take something someone worked hard for I felt bad and remorseful.

When your starving and it's you against the world with nobody to help you out you'll do what it takes to survive even if you have to steal nobody wanted to help me even if they were scared they could dropped a few dollars of change not every homeless person is a fraud or con artist. There we're so many nights I cried in my sleep my mom didn't know where I was and I had no way to reach her or anybody so after that incident where I was beaten and almost killed one of the doctors that treated me found my mother.

What she was about to tell me shook me to my very core the doctor told me my mother passed away from a stroke 2 weeks after I was evicted she found my father and referred me to a neurologist. I had several areas of damage on my brain that's how I met my fiancée by some crazy weird fate. so eventually I got in contact with my father he told me what happened and how he was looking for me non stop and thought I was kidnapped

He told me he would have never thought I was homeless my mother looked non stop and knew she was about to die soon the doctors told her she could have a stroke at any given time but she didn't listen nor did she want to have the surgery to remove a certain blood clot In her blood stream. A week before her passing she recorded a message on tape for me I'm about to play it and see what it says

Son if your listening to this it means I'm no longer here with you me and your father have been looking for you we haven't seen you in a week the police have been notified about you going missing I just pray your alive and nothing has happened to you. Last night I got a phone call from the police commissioner that they found your cell phone not to far from your apartment I love you very much from your mother Darlene.

After I listened to that message I burst out in tears I wasn't myself for days my father comforted me and said everything is gonna be alright son when I told my girlfriend that story she cried and told me that she will never leave my side and she doesn't want anyone in her life to go through that. Several weeks after I proposed we finally decided what day we're gonna get married the day we picked is my mother's birthday our wedding ceremony and celebration is next Friday I'm so excited and ready for this day.

The day is finally here It's my mother's birthday and the day I get married to the woman I love I really wish she was here to see this there's not a day that goes by that I don't miss my mother I almost forgot to mention something very important me and my wife are expecting our first child she's pregnant with triplets I'm going to be a father. This is the happiest day of my life ever the wedding is so beautiful and fantastic I've suffered a whole lot from one tragic event following another but at the end of the darkness came forth the light and happiness I'm very happy with the love of my life we're getting a house together and starting our family I cant wait to see what life has in store for the both of us.

Prince Jayy
Prince Jayy
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