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8 Unique Gift Ideas That Stand Out

by Jessica Bugg 12 months ago in gifts and registry
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Thinking Outside Of The Box

8 Unique Gift Ideas That Stand Out
Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

My grandmother was famous for two things: worrying and sending a greeting card for every occasion imaginable. She would take hours to select the perfect card with the perfect message and even longer to compose a thoughtful, handwritten message. Oh and she always included a check. But times of greeting cards and scrawling handwritten notes are in many ways long gone. 

The technological revolution has altered the way we work, speak, and has even set the stage for a once special occasion staple, the greeting card, to go the way of the landline phone or traditional cable. 

Now there are many unique alternatives to the greeting card and lets be honest with ourselves, who wants to wait to see if the person they are gifting received it when you can opt for e-delivery within a few seconds especially with so many of us rushed for time but still wanting to make sure our person is made to feel special on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. 

Below Is A List Of 8 New Gift Ideas To Stand Out:

1) Monthly Subscription Memberships

Who doesn't love a subscription box? Ranging in price from $9.99 all the way up to several hundred dollars. It is now possible to gift someone anything from a monthly delivery of makeup, cigars, wine, meal packages, even Netflix will allow you to gift someone their monthly fee. 

This unique gift allows you to make your person feel special not only on the holiday but in months to come. 

2) Gift Baskets

You can choose to create your own gift basket by shopping your local stores and assembling it yourself, hand selecting items your person will love. 

Or if you are strapped for time, Amazon offers premade gift baskets that cater to the candy lover, coffee lover, the most dude-ly of men, and even care packages

This option is highly recommended especially for younger adult children or those who have just moved out on their own. 

3) Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements have seen a boom in recent years almost supplanting florists in popularity. 

Edible Arrangements can be found online or in most major cities. You can select health conscious arrangements made from fresh fruits or go decadent and gift the chocolate covered goodies option. 

Either option will be delivered to your person with exceptional eye for detail and the most important part . . . Taste. 

4) E-gift cards

What do you get the person who has everything? Or in cases of Millennials and Gen Z may just not have a place to put everything? 

Nothing is better than the e-gift card. While you can still purchase physical gift cards from your local mass market store like Walmart or Target, your local grocery, even your corner bodega or convenient store, you still have to deal with things like activation fees and delivery of the card. 

E-gift cards allow you all the flexibility of a physical card but none of the hassle of delivery, visiting the store, and waiting for your person to receive the card in the mail sometimes missing the occasion by a day or even a week. 

E-gift cards are purchased online from virtually any retailer or restaurant you can imagine and are delivered in the form of an email or text message to your person instantly. 

Think e-gift cards miss that certain personal touch? No worries. You can now have e-gift cards personalized with a photo of a person, place, or even a custom message. 

5) Burt's Bees Custom Gifts

Burt's Bees offers a variety of environmentally friendly lotions, soaps, and their iconic lip balm which put them on the map. 

The only problem with Burt's Bees lip balm or any lip balm in general is the inevitably go missing. Not anymore. 

Now you can gift a custom Burt's Bees lip balm that includes the recipient's name or a special message from you (character limits will apply, check Burt's Bees for further information).

Your person will have soft lips and no excuse for misplacing their lip balm again or at least in not knowing if a tube is theirs or not. 

6) Give A Class

Well, not you exactly but you can give the gift of a class to your person personalized to their interests. 

Do they love working out? 

Gift a yoga or spinning class. 

Looking for a romantic Anniversary gift? 

Gift a couples chair or pole fitness class. 

Do they love to cook? 

Gift a night of lessons on how to prepare the perfect dinner by a local chef or culinary school. 

These experience based gifts will help your person enjoy themselves not only for one night, but they will learn something new about a topic they are into and it shows that you really care about their hobbies and interests. 

7) Give The Gift of Old Fashioned Photographs

Yeah I know we all have cameras on our phone which we can then use to filter and crop, set up just the right angle. But something is especially romantic and sentimental about giving a photograph that you can see, touch, and feel. 

Family photographs in a tasteful frame (you can find some great ones at your local thrift store or yard sale for very inexpensive prices) are an excellent gift for the mother or grandmother in your life. 

Looking for a great Valentines Day, partners birthday gift, or anniversary present? 

Contact your local photographers for a boudoir shoot. You will get glammed up and shoot sexy, risqué but still classy photos that will have the object of your affection left wanting to unwrap more than just the present. 

And gentlemen, this isn't just for the ladies anymore. More and more men are participating in boudoir shoots sometimes called "dude-oir" shoots which can be super serious and sexy or funny on purpose. I approve of either. 

8) Adopt An Animal In Their Honor

For the animal lover in your life, check into making a charitable donation to your local Humane Society or if you are feeling especially adventurous, here are three more options I just loved:

Adopt-A-Polar Bear 

You can adopt a polar bear through the World Wildlife Foundation. This adoption helps preserve their habitat which is in danger due to changes in the environment.


You can adopt your very own elephant or one in the name of your person from Much like the Adopt-A-Polar Bear program, this donation will go towards ensuring elephants have a safe and clean habitat to live in. 

Final Thoughts:

From adopting an elephant to gifting an e-gift card to hand delivering boudoir photos, your own limit is your own imagination when coming up with unique ways to make the people you love feel special on holidays or on a regular day. 

One thing is for certain, it has never been easier to give someone a gift they will love. 

Happy Gifting!

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