8 Signs He Is Going to Propose

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Yes? No? Maybe...

8 Signs He Is Going to Propose

Men are complicated human beings and they make everything harder than it needs to be, shocking right?

Men usually act on impulse, but there are some things in life that he will be so nervous for he will take forever and two days to act on it. Men have a weird way of doing or saying things and will give themselves away when lying, surprising, or being horny. That's just who they are, even the best liars tell truths whether they intend to or not.

1) He is getting closer to your siblings or best friend.

When guys start getting the proposal thought rolling in their head, they need to know what you like, what your style is and what speaks to you in jewelry, but they can't ask you outright or it would be TOO obvious, so they go to the next best thing and start talking to your friends, siblings or whoever you are close with.

2) He's been using the word "future" a lot.

When guys get thoughts in their head, their words speak a lot, when he starts using the words like "future" and "us" in sentences, that means he sees a future with you. What future is left if you have already been dating for awhile?

3) Acts Weird When People Mention "Marriage"

Does he get uncomfortable when people bring up marriage? Does he stammer, maybe break out in a sweat? Now it could be because he is nervous, but that is a completely different post, but with the other signs in this article, it probably means it's because he's having the proposal thoughts.

4) Wants to Be Alone with You on a Holiday

Holidays are very popular times for proposals, so if he’s asking to spend one like New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day together “just the two of you,” something may be up. If you’ve been together for a while now, he’s a traditionalist, and he’s told you he’s taking you somewhere extra special for the holidays it could mean there is an extra special reason. ;)

5) Asking Questions at a Jewelry Store

Have you and your man walked past a jewelry store and he makes comments like, "Let's stop in here," or "What do you think about this cut," etc. He is not asking just because he is curious. Men ask questions for reasons they expect an honest answer to. This one seems pretty obvious, but gets brushed off a lot.

6) He is running the trip.

Are you usually the one planning the trip? If so, he will probably take over the itinerary and doesn't let you have much insight into it. It's for his eyes only so he can plan the perfect place and timing for the proposal and doesn't want you to have to worry about anything.

7) Don't go in there!

If you are being banned from certain places in your home like the dresser drawer or a box in the closet, keep your curiosity to yourself. There is a reason for this, he probably has something in there he doesn't want you to see, so don't ruin it for him, or you.

8) Mr. Saver

Has he suddenly become concerned with saving money? Do you know anything about a savings account? Probably not because it is not meant for you to know about.

Don't worry if he has been doing these things, but months have gone by, he may just not have found the right timing, the right ring or the time. If he plans on doing it, it is only a matter of time. Be patient and don't push about it once you read this post. I am not supposed to be giving secrets like this away! ;)

AdreAnna Sommer
AdreAnna Sommer
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