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5 Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Jewelry for the First Time

by Gemos Gems 16 days ago in fashion and beauty

Buying Jewelry for the First Time

A perfect piece of jewelry is something that you treasure forever. Purchasing jewelry isn't only a classic way to set trends but also a great option for investment. Making mistakes while choosing to purchase genuine jewelry is something no one can afford. To make your shopping experience a pleasure, this is what you need to think about when purchasing jewelry. Whether you’re buying it as a gift, a wedding band or for your own collection, the main thing is to purchase a jewelry piece that the wearer will not only love but also suits their style and character.

Believe it or not, while we all prefer to pile on stylish and on-trend accessories, investing into a genuine jewelry piece is just quite possibly the most positive lifetime goal for each woman. A smart woman understands that whether for wedding purposes or simply for personal collection, purchasing a genuine and ethnic piece of jewelry is extremely significant. Jewelry, being the second love of women, can possibly increase your satisfaction and create happy memories. Many of us attempt to avoid purchasing jewelry except if it is totally required. The last thing you need to do when you intend to purchase the jewelry is to understand what you need. With plenty of choices out there, we often get confused. As a result, focus on every single detail like the size, style, shading before making a purchase. This saves us a great deal of time and furthermore reduces impulse buying.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Jewelry for the First Time:

Always choose trusted Jeweler:

As we all know that genuine jewelry can be an expensive deal, henceforth always prefer a trusted jeweler. Ensure the jeweler has a spotless reputation in the market, is in the business for quite a while and has its own permanent store. Don’t hesitate in asking questions. Do your own basic research and comprehend the difference between genuine gemstone and synthetic one.

If you’re purchasing gold, silver or platinum jewelry, look for the hallmark stamped into the metal. A hallmark is a legitimate assurance of the valuable metal content of your adornments. It guarantees that you pay for what is worth.

• Setting up Budget:

No doubt gold and diamond jewelry gives you a rich and royal look. However, gold jewelry has become out-dated with time. People prefer jewelry pieces made of sterling silver and platinum these days. As we have mentioned above, buying a genuine piece of jewelry is not easy and the first factor that affects it will remain budget. Whether you’re buying jewelry or something that is quite expensive, setting up a plan budget may ease your shopping experience. At the point when you shop online, ensure you have a decent budget plan to abstain from ruining your funds by purchasing impulsively.

Another main thing to consider—whenever you're purchasing jewelry, it's a smart idea to look around before making the final purchase. Look at comparative styles across different stores, and choose which one fits best in your style and financial plan.

• Choose Quality:

At times when you purchase jewelry on a tight budget, it's difficult to find a perfect and genuine piece of jewelry. While buying fine stone jewelry, look for its specifications such as color, clarity, weight, number of pieces. In case you’re buying diamond jewelry, check whether the precious stone is of premium quality, for example, E-F color and VVS quality (for the most times gives higher resale esteem contrasted with bad quality diamonds).You should know the '4C's of Diamonds' to pass judgment on the quality being presented to you. Some online stores give you the option to pick diamond quality according to your interest. We suggest picking a higher grade of diamond except if you need to think twice about quality to meet budget limits. The higher the quality of a precious stone, the higher the profit on your investment will be.

There are five hallmark signs to consider before buying jewelry in the Indian market, especially ethnic jewelry like gold: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) logo, the jeweler’s identification or logo karatage or grade of purity, the hallmarking centre’s mark, year of marking.

• Design:

While buying the jewelry, think about its design and the finishing look. The look and finish of the adornments become a significant aspect here. Know the sort of jewelry you wish to buy, regardless of whether it is on the web or available at offline stores. Do research and decide the design you are excited about purchasing. For instance, in the event that you wish to purchase a precious stone, search for these 4 Cs, cut, carat, clarity and color. When you understand all of these 4Cs, it turns out to be not difficult to purchase jewelry. Always buy jewelry that can be wearable at any occasions, whether its larger or smaller gatherings, everyday wear or overseas travel.

On the other hand, many people are adversely allergic to nickel metals. Notwithstanding, some jewelry pieces contain nickel used as an alloy. Since nearly anybody can develop skin allergies from nickel, it's reasonable to stay away from this metal. In case you don't know, simply ask your jeweler.

• Take a Look at Return & Exchange Policy:

Before making a purchase, read sellers’ return & exchange policy. Nowadays, most prestigious jewelry brands have their online stores and they offer both return and exchange. Notwithstanding, the exchange policy of jewelry has stricter terms and conditions in comparison to other items sold online.

Thus, go through the terms and conditions cautiously before settling on your buy choice. See what is the value that your online store is promising to buy your jewelry back if you intend to sell it after a few years for a more contemporary design. Last but not the least, always make sure you ask for a bill. It will not only help in cases of return and exchange but also provides authenticity of what you are buying meets the purity and weight promised and claimed.

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