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5 countries where Jewellery is exported from United Kingdom

by Jolie Andre about a year ago in rings
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United kingdom is one of the largest exporters of jewellery goods. We will have a look at some countries which imports Jewellery from them.

In the year 2019, Unites Kingdom contributed to 6.1% of global export in the jewellery business, which amounted to almost $6.6 billion. United Kingdom is famous for its Victorian style of jewellery along with a touch of the modern era. It is in demand all over the world for its unique designs and delicate patterns. United Kingdom has been exporting jewellery to many countries since the past decade. The world is now adorned in jewellery from the land of the royals as more and more people buy it knowing where it comes from. Not everyone can take a trip to the United Kingdom as and when they please, so this makes it easier for them. Let us take a look at the countries that United Kingdom exports jewellery to.

1. France

European countries have been among the top importers of jewellery from the United Kingdom. France has always been number one in the fashion industry and the jewellery industry is not far behind. It is known for its unique style. The jewellery exported by United Kingdom to France is mostly silver and gold; out of which silver has a lot of demand in the country.

2. India

India and the United Kingdom have been trade partners since a long time. There have been trades of spices, garments, metals, machinery and more importantly jewellery. United Kingdom has exported jewellery and individual gemstones many times to India. United Kingdom manufactures synthetic diamonds on a large scale. This diamonds are imported by India regularly. Although they are popularly known in India as American diamonds, they originate from the United Kingdom. In the year 2018-2019, United Kingdom exported close to $22,028,199,000 worth of jewellery to India.

3. Singapore

The total export percentage of jewellery from other countries to Singapore was $2.45 billion in 2019. Out of which a small share was that from United Kingdom. Singapore recently increased the custom duty on gold jewellery to 15% in order to safeguard their domestic industry of jewellery. However, that did not discourage imports from the United Kingdom. Singapore mainly imports diamond rings, chains and pendants from the United Kingdom. Its designs and lab grown diamonds uk are liked by and in demand in Singapore.

4. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the biggest importers of jewellery all over the world. Swiss people import not just jewellery but individual stones. Their biggest import is natural or cultured pearls and rare precious stones to be imported from United Kingdome. There is a huge market for the same in Switzerland and the jewellery of United Kingdom is quite famous there.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong imports $7.9 billion worth of jewellery out of which a few millions are contributed from the United Kingdom. England diamond is a popular franchise in Hong Kong which sells the jewellery imported from United Kingdom. It has many outlets and is famous among the locals.

Jewellery is not ornaments but definition of the culture of each country and state. With rise in trading between the countries, there is also a mix of cultures as the world gladly accepts bits and pieces of somebody else’s heritage into their own. Most famous jewellery imported and exported are lab grown diamond engagement rings.


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