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17 Latest Styles Of Blazers For Men In India

17 Latest Styles Of Blazers For Men In India

By HangupPublished 6 months ago 15 min read

Are you looking for an outfit that is both formal and elegant, yet warm and elegant? New models of men's blazers may be the perfect choice for you. Gone are the days of wearing a vintage blazer for every occasion. Blazer styles have taken over the market, and for good reason: they can instantly transform anyone and make a great first impression. But we understand; choosing the right fit and design for your body type and preference can be confusing.

Don't worry, we're here to help! Today we are going to give you an inventory of popular styles of men's blazers around the world. let's start!

Characteristics of men's blazers

Considering the variety of styles of men's blazers, let's first understand the main characteristics behind the development of these styles.

The men's blazer is available in different materials. Their range includes cotton, silk, denim and sequins. Moreover, these coats are also available in different colors and patterns. One can easily find a suitable preference in the market according to one's taste.

Blazers can be both sleeveless and with sleeves. Sleeveless blazers are often worn with long kurtas or sherwanis at wedding celebrations.

Men's blazers can be worn on semi-formal, formal and informal occasions, depending on the type and nature of the occasion and the dress code associated with it. For example, a plain blazer looks more formal than a designer cut or a jacket with lots of prints.

Men's blazer available single or double-breasted. Double-breasted is more formal than the others.

In addition, the blazer fits perfectly.

There are structured blazers, fitted blazers and loose unstructured blazers. Depending on your look, you can choose the right style. The has different lapels depending on the appeal of the blazer. Can have casual lapels, semi-formal lapels or formal shawl lapels.

How to choose a perfect blazer for men?

Not all blazers are for everyone. Different cuts and patterns suit different body shapes and different looks. Here are some tips on the best way to choose the right stylish blazer for men and women.

If you're tall, choose a straight blazer with three buttons.

They can even harm your appearance. Ditto for round men!

Men's Blazer

Trendy Men's Blazer With Pattern: The blazer is now widely used as a stylish look for men and is now a popular choice. Here are some fashionable men's casual blazer designs which are widely chosen by handsome guys in the market.

1. Men's Jodhpuri blazers:

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If you are looking for Indian Desi style blazers, look no further than Ethnic Jodhpuri Blazer. This cream blazer is very stylish and funky, mixing modern classic ethnic tones with modern tailoring trends.

Pattern: Beige Embroidered Jottery Blazer

Fabric: Rayon

Jacket Fit: Straight Fit

Collar Type: Full Collar

Wearing Occasion: Wedding

Bottoms Suitable: Black Trousers 444 D4 Sweatpants 444' D4 Linen Jacket Sport: Linen Sport Men's Jacket

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The modern man who wants a mix of sleek, sporty styling and a sleek, modern look. Here is such an option. This Blue Self-design men's sports linen jacket offers plenty of options to move in every way, with a stylish and flattering look. The color enhances the look.

Pattern: Blue Self Design Single Breasted Jacket

Fabric: Linen

Jacket Fit: Slim Fit

Collar: Notch Lapel

Wear It: Formal

Suitable Theme: D4 Wash 4: D4 Wash 4.4.

Mens Plain Double Breasted Jacket:

Mens Plain Double Breasted Jacket

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Most of us usually don't like double breasted jackets. Have you ever wondered why? Here we provide you amazing options to show your true style and stunning look. This regular fit black jacket looks great and looks stylish and sexy.

Design: Plain Black Double Breasted Blazer

Fabric: Polyester

Jacket Fit: Regular Fit

Collar: Notch Lapel

Wear Occasion: Formal Evening

Suitable Underwear: 4 Formal Trousers 4 4 Wash 4.

Men's Tweed Dress Jacket:

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Wool tweed blazer is the new trend all over the world. Men prefer to have at least one structured tweed blazer in their wardrobe for good reason – modern plaid patterns look great and look textured and sophisticated, yet formal. Here are our favourites!

Style: Navy and Black Check Jacket

Fabric: Wool

Jacket Fit: Standard Fit

Collar Type: Notch Lapels

Occasion to Wear: Formal Events and Conferences

Car Underwear: 444 P Linen Only

5. Men's corduroy slim blazer :

Men's corduroy slim blazer

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Corduroy slim jacket is a new trend.

While most of us have heard of corduroy blazers, they have gone out of style and have now found their way into this smartly tailored modern variation and style. Instead of giving a formal feel, it gives a great patterned pop that is also unique and stylish!

Style: Brown Corduroy Single Breasted Blazer

Fabric: Corduroy

Jacket Fit: Slim Fit

Collar: Notch Lapel

Occasion To Wear: Formal

6. Casual blazer for men:

Casual blazer for men

A wide selection of models of Casual blazer for bikers or winter is simple black Casual blazer for men. With beautifully stitched lining, it is widely used in jeans. This design is mostly worn by bikers and college teenagers for a stylish look. Boys with an eye for modern fashion shouldn't miss this one.

Design: Plain Leather Zip Jacket

Fabric: Leather

Jacket Fit: Comfort Regular Fit

Collar Type: High Neck Collarless

Wearing Occasion: Casual and Party

Low Cut Jeans 444 Wear

7. Jacket in navy blue velvet:

Navy blue velvet Jacket

Looking for a chic piece for a formal occasion? This is a stylish navy velvet men's jacket design that will capture your heart.

With black patch design, it looks beautiful. Printed designs are very popular among young people and look great on both casual and formal occasions. Young modern people who don't like boring old coats prefer this hectic style.

Fabric: Cotton Linen

Jacket Fit: Slim Fit

Collar Type: Lapel

Occasion of Wear: Semi-Formal

Suitable Vices: Black Dress Pants

Care: Simpla 4 Bladder 8: 4 Men 4 Simple 4. Black Blazer Men

Black has always been a favorite for men's fashion blazer. A simple cotton blazer for men is widely chosen as it suits both casual and formal outfits. It is made of silk which adds a beautiful look to black pants. The simpler it is, the more refined you will look. This classic design, a men's one button jacket, will never go out of style.

Mens Evening Blazer:

Colorful men's blazers, like this comfortable and stylish red blazer, are a great choice for special occasions like weddings and parties. It is made of silk and has a knot which gives it a shiny effect. The blazer also has a nice black stripe on the pockets and the collar. The newest addition to the blazer market has created a lot of demand, and we're not surprised why! It can also be a great red blazer for the groom!


Silk and Velvet Jacket Fit: Regular Fit

Collar Type: Notch Lapel

Occasion of Wear: Weddings, Functions

Suitable Theme: Jeans

Care: Dry Clean

11. Designer Jacket 444 Suitable for weddings

Do you want to shine with heavy designer blazer for men? This best blazer for men is a brown velvet jacket with silver patterns designed to give a stunning look to the dhoti salwar. Long blazer are best worn with salwar dhoti or trousers. The mehndi design inspires a shade of silver design that gives a natural look. Those interested in intricate styling and decorative patterns may prefer this one.

Funky Jacket

If you like to wear something funky for a unique look, pair it with your leather jacket with a black side pocket jacket. It has multiple buttons to provide different looks. The black design goes well with any type and color of jeans for a casual look.

Blazer jackets are also available in cotton and silk for a glamorous look on the move.

Fabric: Cotton Silk

Jacket Fit: Regular Fit

Collar: High Neck

Wear Occasion: Wedding

Suitable Undergarment: Black Trousers

Care: Dry Clean

44 Jacket White Jacket 44 Wedding. Wedding

White is very popular at weddings, especially in India. Designer white silk jackets for men create an authentic look for a wedding with white pants. A simple jacket is attached to a light brown waistcoat for the viewer.

It's also perfect for wearing to high-end corporate events.

Fabric: Cotton

Jacket Fit: Regular Fit

Collar: Slant Lapel

Wear Occasion: Gatherings, Weddings

Suitable Undergarment: White Trousers

Care: Dry Clean


Mens. 14. Men's woolen coat:

Men's woolen coat

The woolen coat of thick cotton coat is a good choice for winter wear. This fancy blazers for men also has a stand-up collar to protect your neck from the cold. The design is perfect for the casual person attending a group, event or party.

It also makes formal wear more dignified.

Fabric: Wool and Cotton

Jacket Fit: Slim Fit

Collar Type: Turtleneck

Wear Occasion: Outings, Adventures and Travel

Suitable Underwear: Jeans

Care: Mens 44 pcs 4 4 washes. :

Buttoned lace blazer for men

A winter blazer with a different design with large open buttons for a sophisticated look. The blazers offers you two styles to wear this blazer, open collar and flat collar for formal and casual wear. This semi-formal fleece blazer is perfect for the colder months and looks great on almost anyone.

Fabric: Wool

Jacket Fit: Sheer

Collar Type: Stand Collar

Occasion: Travel and Night Out

Fit: Jeans

Care: Dry Clean

16. Men's Jackets 44 inch S4 Jackets: Long Jacket 44 Long Size

Blazers for men are here, knee length. The blazers is made of cotton-covered cotton and can be worn on both sides. It is suitable for monsoons. Long blazers are also available in silk and cotton. This latest version of the dual-purpose blazer is very effective and can be used throughout the seasons. It is even suitable as a blazer for the elderly. Traveling to the coolest place? Men's plush jackets with fur hats are the best.

There are also double hooded eskimo jacket models. One is wool and the other cotton for a clean look.

Fabric: Wool and Leather

Jacket Fit: Sharp

Collar Type: Turtleneck

Occasion to Wear: Trousers or Jeans

Suitable Bottoms: Jeans

Care: Dry Clean: Denim Blazer 44 Den Blazer 4. Denim Jeans Jacket Blazer

Do you like to wear jeans?

This is a casual jacket for men paired with faded white jeans for a comfortable look. It is the best choice for students and teenagers. The Monkey Wash graphic is available in a wide range of designs and can be paired with any jeans paired with a simple white t-shirt. It looks great and looks great on hot summer days. Moreover, it gives a cool and casual look that is very well balanced with modern trends.


Denim Jacket Fit:

Pointed Collar Type:

Notch Lapel Wear Occasion: Casual and Casual Going Out

Suitable Theme:

Jeans Care: Machine Wash

For a colorful blazer? The minimalist design of the purple unicorn blazer will win your heart with its clean look. This cozy cotton and silk blazer has a single, minimal depth pocket that fits over your clutch for a designer look. Those who want a simple design but prefer to look stylish with a classy vibe can do just that.

Fabric: Silk Cotton

Blazer Fit: Slim Fit

Collar Type: Lapel

Occasion of Wear: Festival

Suitable Bottoms: Cream Trousers

Care: Dry Clean

20. Crib Sleeveless 44 Cotton 44 Blazer 44 Blazer 44 Blazer 44 A sleeveless cotton blazer with a windless print that looks cute even for everyday wear. It's also best paired with jeans and a long-sleeved shirt for casual nights out. Best worn with black and white pants. This cropped men's jacket has a modern ethnic touch and is definitely one of our favorites!

Fabric: Cotton

Jacket Fit: Slim Fit

Collar Type: Shawl Lapel

Occasion of Wear: Festival Casual

Suitable Bottoms: Jeans or Black Slacks

Care: Dry Clean

4 Trims 4 Blazers 4 Trims Side 4 Side 4 Hip length navy blue silk blazer with cream trim brings a great look to any casual get-together. It is also a widely selected jacket design for various occasions. It offers a classic look, perfect for a rock star or a fashion conscious person attending a high society party or reception.

Men's Long Sleeve Blazer:

This unique striped or plaid blazer is very trendy, but it's our favorite. The style is easy to wear and simple to maintain. You can easily complete the look by simply pairing it with formal or semi-formal occasions.

Fabric: Plaid Wool

Jacket Fit: Pointed

Collar Type: Notch Lapel

Wearing Occasion: Formal Evening

Suitable Theme: Formal Cream Trousers

Care: Dry Clean 3444 Mens Floral

Print 2444 Print 2444 Blazer print for men

Do you like to wear flowers?

A black silk blazer with a pink and white floral pattern complements the black pants. It also has two pockets which seem concealed due to the design. For the first time, models sported the summer floral print on the runway red carpet ramps.

Fabric: Linen Silk

Jacket Fit: Straight Fit

Collar Type: Peak Lapel

Occasion To Wear: Classy Parties & Fashion Events

Suitable Subcategory: Black Jeans

Care: Dry Clean 2

Blazer 2

Traditional Embroidered Blazer

Keep your embroidery patterns gold?

A stylish men's blazers features gold temples, bringing a jungle feel to the wearer over a black silk blazer. It looks perfect for special functions and occasions. The design is also inspired by small zardoshi pieces, perfect for any wedding or holiday look.

Fabric: Linen Silk

Jacket Fit: Slim Fit

Collar Type: Lapel Lapel

Wearing Occasion: Wedding

Suitable Theme: Cream Sherwani Pants

Care: 4 Dry Clean 4 Cross Sheet 24.

Blazer men's plaid cotton

Men's mid-length blazer in cotton fabric with different blue and red threads forming a criss-cross plaid pattern, perfect with jeans for a casual look for the date and fall.

It is inspired by traditional jackets and coats and can be worn with designer touches. Those who prefer a rustic design may prefer this model.

Fabric: Cotton Linen

Jacket Fit: Slim Fit

Collar Type: Lapel

Occasion of Wear: Cocktail Party

Suitable Underwear: Black Trousers

Care: Dry Clean

Blazer 4 Blazer

Printed Blazer

This is an elegant latest style silk blazer. The design features a print that resembles a leopard print. It brings a stylish look to black jeans and will give you a casual look in the club or in the evening. These styles are mostly worn by highly professional dancers and singers to give their performances a finishing touch with their looks.

Fabric: Leopard Silk

Jacket Fit: Straight Fit

Collar Type: Notch Lapel

Wear Occasion: Party

Suitable Subcategory: Black Jeans

Care: Dry Clean

Women 4. 4 Best Jackets 4 4. Simple fleece blazer:

Simple fleece blazer

Do you like simple blazer? A gray wool jacket design for men with a black pocket design is very unusual for a smart casual evening outfit. Made of fleece fabric, it is also the best winter wear with jeans. The new top pocket color is a mix of the jacket color and the color under the pocket adds to its aesthetic.

Material: Wool

Jacket Fit: Straight Fit

Collar Type: Notch Lapel

Occasion To Wear: Casual Day Trips

Suitable Underwear: Jeans

Care: Dry Clean

Jackets men's casual shoes designed here Clever combination with beanie design. Made of cotton silk with a soft cotton hood, this blazers has a girly and glamorous look. It's popular for party style, travel, casual occasions and more. The design resembles a winter sweater, so it is perfect for student winter wear.

Fabric: Wool

Jacket Fit: Pointed

Collar Type: Shawl Lapel

Occasion of Wear: Going out with friends

Suitable Underwear: Jeans and Shorts

Care: Machine Wash 444 T-shirts 29.4 T T-shirts

T-shirts Designs Blazer

Want a classic look for winter evenings? This men's blazer should look like a t-shirt. This white blazer is made of silk and has a deep cut at the bottom with buttons. It also has a wide collar to cover your neck. Five-star hotels widely choose this Indo-Western men's blazer to make their staff and professional chefs more restrained.

Fabric: Cotton

Jacket Fit: Straight Fit

Collar Type: Turtleneck Tee Collar

Occasion of Wear: Wedding

Proper Wear: Black Trousers

Care: Dry Clean 044 Collar 444 Collar 3: Col. Fit Blazer

The heavyweight silk blazer with a collared fit is a hot new trend among men. Men's casual blazers are designed to fit around the neck while being shaped like a vest, which makes the inner blazers stand out. The design is widely used in casual occasions. It is an excellent choice for young people who have a well-maintained fitness body looking for their appearance.

Fabric: Silk

Blazer fit: Slim fit

Collar type: Closed collar

Occasion to wear: Semi-formal

Bottoms suitable: Jeans

Care: Men's dry clean 4 Blazers in perfect condition? Whether it's formal shades or casual outerwear, it takes knowing the proper styling method to flaunt your best style.

Here are some tips to get you started!

Always wear sneakers for a comfortable blazer. They can add more beauty. But for a jacket with a dressy look, prefer to wear only boots and dress shoes. For a formal look, wear a contrasting shirt under your blazer.

Keep it modern and stylish. The best looks are those that look unique and stylish.

Blazer give a special look to whoever wears them. Some are designed to keep things simple, while others have big prints and work on them. It used to be that jackets were just for looking professional at events.

But as trends change, jackets are also worn as a traditional feature over slim salwars, dhoti, patiala and other ethnic attires. There are a range of costs, most of which are affordable and well worth it!

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