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14 tips for getting your wedding hair ready

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By Sal ToriPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
14 tips for getting your wedding hair ready
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Any woman's wedding is easily one of the most important events of her life. Every lady wants to look as lovely as a princess at this special auspicious event to represent her in a good light to her groom and loved ones.

Many ladies can feel very nervous when it comes to improving their chances of having beautiful wedding hair. Here are some common problems encountered by brides-to-be, as well as some tips to help you manage your hair decisions for one of the most important occasions of your life, namely your wedding day.

These are common questions that arise that can cause anxiety to make you feel anxious about how to have a beautiful look on your special day.

What style do you want to go for? Should your hair be curly, straight, have up-do's, or have any wedding hair accessories? Which style best suits your face shape? What wedding hairstyle will look good with the dress you choose?

The best way for you to start thinking about these things is to do so well in advance of your wedding date.

After choosing your wedding dress, you will also need to start visiting hair salons.

Another common problem related to wedding hairstyles may be related to finding a great hair salon and stylist.

Here are my tips for getting ready for your wedding hair and choosing a stylist

Budget. Decide how the cost of your wedding hairstyle fits into your total wedding budget and stick to that amount when looking for a stylist.

Dress. When you visit the salon, bring your wedding photos with you. If possible, have someone take a picture of you while you are trying on the dress so the stylist can get a better idea of how you will look in the dress.

Change your dress or hair accessories. These days many brides are wearing 2 dresses; one for the wedding and the other as an evening gown. Be sure to let your stylist know so she can help with any necessary adjustments if needed. This includes possible hair accessory changes for transitioning to an evening wedding. Your stylist can help you remove any hair accessories or veils.

Salon Search. Google for salons that specialize in your local wedding hair. Ask if they have stylists who specialize in wedding hair. Ask about price ranges, availability, experience levels, and samples.

Consider your hair texture. Do you have curly hair? Oily hair? Good hair? Does the stylist you are considering seem to take this into account? If not, why? These may be red flags that tip you off to continue your search for a great stylist.

Weather. Consider the time of year as well as the weather as well as the hair's response to climatic conditions; particularly humidity. When raising the actual probability of frizz, consider moisturizing your hair with a good anti-frizz serum. This should especially help control frizz.

Environment. Where will you be having your wedding? Outside? A ballroom? You will want your look to compliment your wedding setting. For halls or ballrooms, consider haircuts, buns, and more formal hairstyles. For a casual setting such as a backyard or beach, consider a slightly less formal look.

Wedding hair accessories. There are many to choose from. Wedding hair accessories are very elegant, expensive looking, and well-made. You can choose from many wedding hair accessories, including elaborate headpieces, hair flowers, rhinestone hair accessories, and more. Accessories can complete the perfect look you're after!

Bring any veils or wedding hair accessories. Be sure to show them to your chosen stylist before the wedding so they can get a good idea of what they will be using and you can discuss together which style will best suit your veil or accessory. If you haven't purchased it yet but plan to wear it, then simply purchase something similar from a store.

Veil removal. If you do plan to wear a veil, ask your stylist for advice on removing the veil depending on the type of veil you are using. One suggestion is to consider a veil that is not sewn onto the main headpiece or tiara but can be easily attached or removed with Velcro, also known as a hook and loop.

Photographer. Ask the salon owner if their photographer is allowed to photograph the bride and bridesmaids' hair in the salon. In most cases, this shouldn't be a problem, but you want to be sure so things can go smoothly on your special day!

Food and snacks. Ask the salon owner if you are allowed to bring any snacks or drinks for yourself and any bridesmaids. Sometimes, the host may even be happy to provide snacks and drinks themselves, especially if they know ahead of time.

Try them out before making your final choice. Talk to your stylist about trying out your wedding hair options before your actual wedding so you can determine if this style is right for you. You'll likely like how it turns out and decide to stick with that choice, but you may find that it looks a little off and needs some tweaking, or you may need to choose a completely different style if it just doesn't look right for you. Give yourself 6 months to search and experiment before making your final choice.

Listen to your gut. You may find yourself uncomfortable with a certain stylist or not as excited about accessories as you initially thought. You may have more than one favorite style and need time to decide. Make sure you're as happy as possible with your stylist and the wedding hair you choose for that special day, simply because you deserve it for such an important occasion!

You'll want your wedding hairstyle to look great with your dress, and your setting, and most importantly, it should give you confidence, and happiness, and suits you best.

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