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So Did That Targeted Ad

By Yvonne LovejoyPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Worx Works
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Worx tools were a dream come true last year when I was looking online for a potential replacement for my lawn trimmer. I checked all of the usual suspects; Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes but the trimmers they had were like the lawn trimmer I already owned. What I needed was something that would be easier to use, lighter weight, and low maintenance.

After my online search, I started seeing targeted advertisements for Worx tools on my social media accounts and other websites. Other than feeling a bit stalked, I really don’t pay much attention to the advertisements. Sometimes, I will take a minute and try to figure out what I looked at to cause a particular advertisement to me on my social media.

Eventually, I went to the Worx website to check out what they had to offer. The website is well organized so it was easy to find the trimmers. I quickly dismissed electric trimmers. With two yards to maintain, a cord is just too cumbersome. Then I spotted the Worx Power Share cordless trimmer. It was perfect.

Worx Power Share Equipment Uses Rechargeable Batteries

A trimmer with a rechargeable battery was just what I needed. Less than six pounds is a much better weight for me than the gas-powered trimmer. Not to mention that I wasn’t looking forward to mixing gas with oil for a trimmer. The bonus feature of this purchase was free spools for life. I ordered my trimmer and when it arrived I found the instructions easy to follow. The trimmer was as light as I had hoped. I charged the battery that should run the trimmer for an hour. I found out how easy it was to use.

Worx Power Share Literally Shares the Power

I noticed, while looking around the Worx website, that some equipment was listed cheaper with ‘tool only’ in the description. I know it’s in the name but I was still surprised to see that once you have one or two pieces of equipment with batteries, you can just order a tool and save some money. Just move the battery from one piece of equipment to another and you’re ready to work.

Add to Cart

While I was on the Worx website, I did use the ‘add to cart’ button for more than just the Power Share trimmer. I also added the Power Share Jawsaw Cordless Chainsaw. I couldn’t resist the SD Driver with Screw Holder; which is also cordless but not Power Share.

The Power Share Jawsaw Cordless Chainsaw is the coolest yard tool I have so far. The safety of it was a big selling point. It’s a chainsaw for limbs less than 4” in diameter. The ‘jaws’ surround the saw blade which gives me better control. If I need to cut a limb that’s on the ground, I just rest the jaws on either side of the limb and push the handle. The saw blade moves between the jaws to cut.

Back Story

My husband always took care of all lawn care. He really enjoyed being outside and was able to maneuver a gas trimmer, a handsaw, lawnmower, and the other equipment he needed. He passed away in August last year so I had to take over all of the outdoor chores for our yard and my mother’s yard. I had to come up with equipment that would allow me to do the work without breaking my back. Worx Power Share tools really fit my needs perfectly.

Back for More

I did go back to the Worx website and buy a Power Share cordless lawnmower. The cutting deck is smaller than the gas mower I had but it’s much easier to use. It’s so lightweight you can even hang it on the garage wall. It’s very easy to use, you barely have to push it. I’ve never used a lawnmower that didn’t take at least 3 hard pulls to start, until now.

My Conclusion

Many times when you get targeted advertisements based on your search or order history, the results are disappointing. I usually ignore them completely. If I do click an advertisement, sometimes I end up on a website with a questionable rating. This time I’m so glad I followed through by clicking. My next purchase from Worx will be a Power Share chainsaw.

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