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Why is Spray Foam Concrete Leveling Important?

Uneven surfaces are no fun to be around, not only for safety issues but aesthetically as well.

By Max RubyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Why is Spray Foam Concrete Leveling Important?
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If there are uneven concrete surfaces in your home, such as patios, driveways, sidewalks and pool decks, you'll have safety issues, and your premises won't look appealing. If you come across such uneven surfaces, it's essential to contact a professional concrete repair contractor to analyze the condition and give recommendations on the best possible solution. One of the most common solutions you should expect is spray foam concrete leveling which has proven effective, affordable, and long-lasting. Polyurethane foam plays a significant role in when it comes to the following:

a. Void Filling

This is among the most common use of polyurethane foam for concrete repair. Polyurethane foam will help to fill any voids on your concrete slabs. Most concrete surfaces develop voids due to excessive settling or washout. Unlike grout mix, polyurethane foam is lightweight, meaning that it doesn't strain the already strain concrete. The concrete repair contractor fills these voids through the general process of drilling tiny holes, port installation, and then foam injection.

b. Seawall Repair

When you come across gaps and cracks in your wall, it's a sign that you need quick foam repair. Polyurethane foam assists in sealing these wall cracks and stabilizing loose soil, thus limiting structural damage, which can be quite costly.

c. Slab/joint Stabilization

If your slab doesn't have enough support, you may use polyurethane foam to improve its stability. Lack of stability can lead to the slab cracking and sinking if quick action isn't taken. Polyurethane foam helps fill voids and reduce movements that can cause sinking by providing support. The main reason foam repair is better for slab stabilization is that it has less expansion strength and a longer reaction duration.

How Long will Foam Repair Last?

Polyurethane foam is a synthetic material, that doesn't change shape or break easily even under extreme conditions. This means that it'll keep your concrete surfaces intact by reducing concrete sinking. Over time, you may start noticing signs of sinking, especially if there are consistent erosion or frost cycles. Therefore, to prevent concrete sinking, you should keep water away by regularly checking on possible plumbing leaks and redirecting rainwater from your concrete surfaces.

Are There Dangers of Sinking Concrete?

If you notice sinking concrete surfaces in your home, you need to take quick action to ensure the problem doesn't grow further. Below are some dangers of sinking concrete:

1. Reduced Property Value

If your home has a sunken, uneven, or cracked concrete surface, there are high chances that it'll attract a low value than you expect. Having sunken, uneven, and cracked patios, sidewalks, foundations, driveways, etc., will portray a bad first impression to buyers. The buyers will actually have a negotiating point on why you should reduce the price of your property.

2. Water Infiltration

Water will easily infiltrate if your concrete surfaces have intensive gaps or cracks. If the infiltration becomes continuous, it'll affect soil stability. When soil becomes loose, your concrete slabs quality will be compromised.

3. Safety Issues

Uneven concrete surfaces pose tripping hazards to your family members and visitors. These uneven surfaces can cause slip and fall injuries to those around your premises. In some cases, you might be liable for damages on your premises. You'll also spend more money on treatment for severe injuries on your family members.

4. Structural Damage

The excessive sinking of concrete surfaces in your home will lead to structural damage. Foam repair will improve the structural integrity in your sidewalks, patios, pool decks, driveways, etc.

In conclusion, these are some dangers of sinking concrete. If you want a cost-friendly, less time-consuming, and effective concrete repair solution, consider spray foam concrete leveling.

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