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Why is Proper Roof Installation Important?

Getting a new roof installed is one of the most important days. This article explains how you can ensure that your roof is installed correctly.

By Steven PagePublished 3 years ago 3 min read


If you know a builder or a homeowner or you yourself are a builder or homeowner, you would know that the day you were about to install the roof on under construction property, that is one of the biggest events that can happen in your life and in the life of the property.

Because the roof is going to seal the fate whether you are going to enjoy the benefits of this property and your investment for the near future you are going to start facing problems with the roof if you haven’t done the right research an haven’t put on the right work in the installation of the roof.

This is why roofs are very important and their installation is even more important.

Therefore, use this article to educate and inform yourself about roof installation services and different contours of these services.

So that when you will have a conversation with your contractor about the installation you should be very well informed about each process that is going to happen.

So that you can get the best installation possible and you do not allow your contractor to slack off.

What is an improperly installed roof?

In order to understand a proper installation of a roof, you need to understand what an improper installation is.

The first improper thing that can happen in the roof installation is that the dimensions of the roof and associated materials are not correct and properly aligned.

If there is any sort of misalignment in it, you will start experiencing issues very soon. Like the roof will start to crack at some places or at some places the roof will fall apart.

Another improper detail that can happen is that the contractor will not follow the guidelines that have been mentioned by the manufacturer.

A lot of the times when this would happen, when you confront your contractor, they will try to shut you down by saying that they have an extensive lot of experience and you or the other hand do not have any experience that is why they know what they are doing.

Do not come under this pressure from your roof installer. The main reason the contractor is deviating from the guidelines that have been mentioned by the manufacturer is because these guidelines are time taking to implement.

By skipping or bypassing the guidelines, contractors are able to save some time for themselves which means that they do not have to invest as much labor as required.

What are the main features of a bad contractor?

Poor craftsmanship

Be very wary of the attitude and the behaviour your roof contractor is going to adopt when he or she is working on your project.

If they have a continuous attitude of being lazy and not having a very proactive approach in the work, they should be fired well before they start installing your roof because once they are on the job, firing them will be a difficult task.

Symptoms of a lazy and poor craftsmanship are that they do not pay attention to the details, they are not interested in doing a good job, they are not well informed about the entire process and lastly, they use shortcuts to cut down on the time and the cost they are going to incur.

Poor attic ventilation

Attic is an enclosed space that is why a lot of the time the air inside the attic will either get extremely cold or extremely hot. Given that an attic is directly connected to the roof, this extreme air condition will have a direct effect on the roof.

Therefore, a good roof installer should make sure that the attic in your house is properly ventilated so that these extreme air conditions do not develop and do not have any negative impact on the roof.

If there is excess of hot air, it will expand and it will cause an outside pressure on the roof. If there is an excess of cold air, it will contract and it will cause a low pressure impact on the roof. In both scenarios the roof is going to bear a lot of pressure that it is not made up of.


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