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Why Is It Important For Landlords To Request For Home Inspections?

Are you a landlord? If you lease your property to tenants, then you are aware of the abuses that you faced from the tenants

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Why Is It Important For Landlords To Request For Home Inspections?
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Are you a landlord? If you lease your property to tenants, then you are aware of the abuses that you faced from the tenants. Most tenants will always keep complaining about the bad condition of the property. So if the property is damaged, then you have to face the trauma and abuses of the tenants.

This is why landlords should take the initiative to hire the best home inspection in Madison County team. The professional home inspection team will check the damaged accessories and areas around the property.

If the damages are done by tenants and landlords need to take necessary steps on time. They can always benefit from regular home inspections. Landlords can also get the home inspected by a professional home inspection team before the keys are handed over to the new tenants.

Understand the way tenants handled the property

Home inspections are always beneficial. If the tenants have been manhandling the property, then they will try and cover it using cosmetic features. The wall paints will be touched up for hidden flaws. The doors and window panes will also be touched up.

But what about the deep damages done to the water lines and HVAC units? In most cases, these issues cannot be covered up by cosmetics. They need a technical team. So you need home inspections to identify these damages.

Simple maintenance issues

Once the tenants vacate the property, landlords have to be aware of the maintenance issues. The pipeline is probably leaking and needs repairs. The light switch may not be functioning properly.

These are a few things that need to be covered by the landlord before the keys are handed over to the next tenants.

The only way to get familiar with the issues is to conduct home inspections. You should only hire a professional home inspection. Only a professional will help you identify these issues on time.

Maintain your landlord image

If the tenants move in and discover the property has issues, this can damage your image. So you have to stay prepared in advance, even before you receive the new tenants. Home inspections can help you stay prepared for receiving new tenants.

You can conduct the repairs and maintenance on time. Before the tenants move in you can be sure that the property is in good condition. This is important for any landlord if they want to maintain their good image in the market.

Communicate with tenants in advance

If the old tenants want to extend the agreement, then you have to settle for new terms and conditions. All damages in the property have to be repaired by the tenants as per the agreement. If you have the home inspection report on time, you can negotiate with the tenants in advance.

You can always discuss the new agreement terms and conditions with them in advance. You can also set the new rents and deposit amounts. The repairs will be covered in the deposit and rental amounts. Any tenant may always have the property to be in good condition before they move in.

The home inspection report will help the landlord get familiar with the real condition of the property.

Get familiar with the living conditions

Most tenants may not be used to enjoying healthy living conditions. They do not maintain a hygienic environment. So the landlords need to be familiar with this factor. This helps the landlord decide if they have to lease the house to the same or different tenants.

If the tenants will take care of the property, then it will be reflected in the home inspections reports. If the property is well maintained, then the tenancy agreement can be extended. If not then the agreement can be terminated by the landlord.

Home inspections can be conducted by the landlord under expert supervision. You can hire the best team online.


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