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Why Do You Need Family Lawyers in Mumbai?

Domestic problems are complicated to settle quickly, and a renowned and experienced family lawyer is suitable to solve them; such a lawyer gives a pleasing result to all clients.

By Krutika ShettyPublished about a year ago 3 min read

All families have their share of issues. Sometimes these matters are minor, and other times cases are enormous and can drag to court. It can be related to divorce, child custody, spousal support or property dispute. Only one person can provide proper legal advice and help settle the dispute in all these matters: a skilled and experienced family lawyer.

Family lawyers in Mumbai can resolve all the issues creating turmoil in your personal life. They can handle the legal issues concerning your family matters and come out only if the situation is out of control. Let's check what family lawyers do and why you need them.

Domestic violence

Many women face domestic violence, but they maintain silence for the sake of their family unit; little do they know that their silence would only encourage the perpetrator to be cruller. Anyone suffering from domestic violence should contact an experienced family lawyer and bring the perpetrators to the negotiating table. If someone thinks the perpetrators would understand their fault and stop abusing them, they are wrong. There's always a need to teach a lesson to the perpetrators of domestic violence so they don't dare to do it again.


Divorce/Separation is an adamant time for the couple involved and the people who were once madly in love and had immense hatred for each other. In such a situation, everyday situations can turn violent. Thus, you need a family lawyer as divorce is not just about the parting of a couple but also a division of assets, settlement of debts, and paperwork which will take a considerable amount of time. The best divorce lawyer in Mumbai can help smoothen down the process for you. The family lawyer will mediate between you and your ex-spouse, ensuring the divorce is amicable and peaceful. They also help in the matter you're entitled to regarding:

  • Assets
  • Property
  • Alimony
  • Child support

Custody issues

The divorce process becomes more complicated when there is a child involved. According to both the parents, they are the best are will be better parents to their child than the other half. It is a messy battle, so don't try and fight it all alone; you will regret it later. The best divorce lawyer in Mumbai can advise you better on your parental rights and will also represent you in the best possible way in court. Whether you are looking for full or partial custody, your lawyer will ensure you get in the quickest way possible.


You will be glad to know that the only reason for hiring a family law attorney is not just conflict; sometimes, it is also good news. When you look forward to welcoming a new member to your family and adopting a child, a family lawyer can help you with all the legal proceedings. Professional legal help is often required to ensure the proper legal forms are signed to complete an adoption. Plus, with the help of an attorney, it's easier to know your options as adoptive parents and choose a type of adoption that's right for your family.

Handling wills and property issues

A will is a legal document in which a person states their wish on how to distribute the property after they die. A family lawyer is responsible for assisting the people and guiding them regarding how they used to draft these documents. The lawyer's role does not end here; he ensures that people follow the will as stated by the deceased.


Family lawyers in Mumbai know all legal terms and can efficiently handle divorce proceedings and dissolution in court. They will understand their duties and responsibilities towards a case. They are very friendly, reliable, professional and helpful people, who directly talk to the client, know their problem, do the research on their part and finally come out with the best possible solution. Experienced lawyers have high interpersonal and writing skills and can prepare effective legal drafts and argue your case in court. They provide essential tips and advice to make their clients succeed in their approach to solving a particular case of a domestic dispute and avoid legal hassles.


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