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When to Hire a Pest Control Jupiter Expert for Roaches

by Jake Eisenberg 2 years ago in house
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When to hire experts

A cockroach can be a pretty common sighting in Florida. Particularly in the south, where their preferred wet and humid climate makes it easy for them to live. You may have spotted one or two scuttlings across your floors at night, or seen some evidence of their tracks the next day. But when do you decide to hire a pest control Jupiter expert?

Roaches are indeed a pest, and like rats and mice, they can get into your food and clothing, spreading bacteria, allergens, and even parasites. We know you want to avoid the health hazards of roaches, so here are some warning signals that you may have an infestation.

When Should I Hire a Pest Control Expert for Roaches?

When You See Them

If you're spotting roaches consistently, chances are, there are plenty more you aren't seeing. Roaches are nocturnal by nature, and they prefer hiding and living in the dark. They will eventually venture out during the daytime if food is getting scared, mostly due to "overcrowding."

By this, we mean that a more extensive infestation will create more competition for food and space. If you see more and more dead roaches, don't take that as a sign the infestation is over. That just means there are more insects breeding and taking their place.

Smelling a Musty Odor

Again, similar to rodent infestations, roaches have a particular odor that smells musty. This is created by the smell of roaches together in large numbers and decomposing dead roaches. As their collective grows, you should notice the smell more and more.

There are Egg Casings

A telltale sign of an infestation is if you see egg casings (called an ootheca). They're long, light brown in color, and hollow shells that will hold between 20 to 50 eggs at once, depending on the species.

That's many roaches. You'll find egg casings near water and food sources, like your refrigerator, pipes, cardboard boxes, and bathrooms. But you’re also likely to see them behind furniture and generally in hidden places wherever they’re breeding.

Roaches are also exceptionally fast breeders, which is why an infestation can be so hard to stop. But a pest control Jupiter professional will have the right tools and pet-friendly materials to get it done.

There are Skins Left Behind

Just like egg casings, roaches also shed their skins 5 to 8 times during their life. If you spot any of these skins around the house, know that roaches are living and multiplying there.

When You See Droppings

Different species of roaches will have droppings that look slightly different and vary in size. German cockroaches’ droppings are small, like brown specs, while American cockroaches are larger.

But overall, roaches tend to leave a mess behind. Be it with dark smudges or stains where they've walked or fed. This is part of the reason why it's essential to handle roach infestations quickly.

The health hazards of feces near your food, on your counters, and generally spreading bacteria throughout your home can make it harder for people with allergies and asthma, let alone develop bacterial infections such as salmonella and staphylococcus.

If Your Neighbor Has a Roach Problem

Has your neighbor been complaining about a roach problem? Whether they live on the floor above or below, or their house is only next to you, know that your home is at risk.

Keeping your home and the surrounding exterior environment free of clutter and garbage can help protect against attracting roaches. But if you do see a problem, don't hesitate to reach out to us for some help.


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