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When to drink tea ?


By Shilpi KhatunPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Tea, a cherished refreshment all over the planet, offers a large number of advantages going from unwinding and hydration to a variety of wellbeing benefits. Be that as it may, the planning of tea utilization can impact its consequences for your body and by and large prosperity. Understanding when to drink tea can assist with augmenting these advantages and improve your everyday daily practice. Here, we investigate the best times to drink different sorts of tea, taking into account factors, for example, caffeine content, stomach related wellbeing, and explicit wellbeing objectives.

Morning: Begin Your Day Right

1. Dark Tea or Green Tea

Why: Both dark and green teas contain caffeine, which can give a delicate jolt of energy like espresso yet with a smoother, less unsteady impact. They additionally contain L-theanine, an amino corrosive that advances unwinding and center, adjusting the invigorating impacts of caffeine.

While: Drinking dark or green tea in the first part of the day can help launch your day, giving a constant flow of energy and further developing focus. It is a phenomenal decision to coordinate with breakfast.

2. Matcha Tea

Why: Matcha, a powdered green tea, has a higher grouping of caffeine and cell reinforcements contrasted with standard green tea. The remarkable blend of caffeine and L-theanine in matcha gives a quiet, engaged energy that is especially valuable in the first part of the day.

While: Consuming matcha in the early hours can upgrade readiness and mental capability, making it ideal for occupied or intellectually requesting mornings.

Early in the day: A Sound Jolt of energy

3. White Tea

Why: White tea contains lower levels of caffeine contrasted with dark and green tea yet is wealthy in cell reinforcements. It can offer a gentle energy lift without disturbing your rest designs later in the day.

When: Partake in some white tea early in the day for a delicate jolt of energy. It can assist with keeping up with hydration and give an unobtrusive lift in readiness and state of mind.

4. Home grown Teas (e.g., Peppermint, Chamomile)

Why: Home grown teas are regularly sans caffeine and can uphold different parts of wellbeing. For example, peppermint tea can help absorption and further develop center, while chamomile tea is known for its quieting properties.

At the point when: Early in the day is a fantastic time for natural teas, especially assuming you look for hydration and explicit medical advantages without extra caffeine.

Evening: Supporting Energy and Concentration

5. Oolong Tea

Why: Oolong tea has moderate caffeine levels and is known for its digestion supporting properties. It can assist with supporting energy levels during the midday downturn and backing absorption.

While: Drinking oolong tea in the right on time to mid-evening can give a reasonable energy lift and forestall the post-lunch plunge in readiness.

6. Yerba Mate

Why: Yerba mate is a South American tea known for its high caffeine content and rich supplement profile. It furnishes major areas of strength for a lift alongside nutrients, minerals, and cell reinforcements.

At the point when: A midday cup of yerba mate can assist with keeping up with energy and efficiency. Nonetheless, be aware of its high caffeine content to keep away from potential rest aggravations whenever consumed past the point of no return.

Evening: Loosening up and Unwinding

7. Rooibos Tea

Why: Rooibos is a sans caffeine tea from South Africa, plentiful in cell reinforcements and minerals. It has a normally sweet and nutty flavor, going with it a mitigating decision for the night.

At the point when: Rooibos tea can be delighted in after supper as a sweet substitute or sleep time refreshment. Its absence of caffeine makes it reasonable for advancing unwinding and helping rest.

8. Chamomile Tea

Why: Chamomile is eminent for its quieting and rest prompting properties. It contains apigenin, a cancer prevention agent that ties to specific receptors in your cerebrum, advancing unwinding and rest.

While: Drinking chamomile tea an hour prior to bed can assist with setting up your body for a relaxing night's rest. It very well may be especially useful for those with a sleeping disorder or rest unsettling influences.

9. Lavender Tea

Why: Lavender tea has quieting and stress-easing properties, going with it a phenomenal decision for slowing down at night.

When: Partake in some lavender tea at night to diminish pressure and uneasiness, elevating a quiet progress to sleep time.

Extraordinary Contemplations

After Dinners

Why: A few teas, similar to peppermint and ginger, are known for their stomach related benefits and can help lighten bulging or distress after feasts.

While: Drinking stomach related teas soon after dinners can improve absorption and give help from heartburn.

When Exercise

Why: Green tea and matcha can upgrade fat consuming and further develop practice execution, while home grown teas like peppermint can support muscle unwinding post-exercise.

When: Consume green tea or matcha around 30 minutes prior to practicing for a jolt of energy, and consider peppermint tea post-exercise for recuperation.


The planning of tea utilization can essentially influence its advantages and your general prosperity. From stimulating your morning with dark or green tea to slowing down with chamomile or lavender at night, there is an ideal tea for all aspects of your day. By decisively picking when to drink various kinds of tea, you can streamline your energy levels, support processing, and advance unwinding, upgrading both your wellbeing and happiness regarding this immortal refreshment.

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