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What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Expungement Attorney

Expungement is a critical process. So, you need to hire an attorney to ensure the process is done successfully. Here’s all you need to know before hiring a lawyer.

By smithpatrickPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Expungement lawyer Dallas Texas

Navigating the TX expungement and non-disclosure in the country can be difficult as the law relating to expunction is constantly changing. If you are trying to evaluate and understand your options, contacting an experienced attorney is your best bet in such a situation.

3 Things to Know Before Hiring an Expunction Attorney

An expert lawyer works day in and day out on cases similar to yours; hence they have the knowledge and skills required to apply for expunction.

The attorney will evaluate your case and tell you if you are eligible for an expunction. So, if you are eligible, they will help you take action to get your records sealed or erased.

Not every case is the same; likewise, not every attorney is the same. Consider these issues before you struggle to find the right expungement lawyer to represent your claim.

Your Help is Needed too.

While most people think that hiring an attorney shifts the entire burden on them, it is far from being true. While expunction attorneys are professionals that clients expect to handle their legal matters, the expunction process requires equal attention from the defendant as the attorney.

You would need to furnish documents, keep in regular touch with the attorney, and providence as requested from the attorney to support your request.

Hence, it is essential to know that an attorney will lighten the load up to a great extent but won't take it entirely away.

The Attorney who Limit's Specialization

An expungement lawyer handles the cases and tries to expunge the records of different types of crimes committed by people.

Hiring a lawyer who majorly focuses on family law and sometimes works on expunction cases will dabble in your case and will not likely help you get the outcome you want.

An attorney specializing in cases similar to yours can give you an edge and improve the odds of a favorable outcome. The experience they get working day in and day out on similar cases is excellent, and it will help you immensely.

An Attorney who Provides Free Initial Consultation

Most attorneys handling Tx Expungement cases provide free first consultation. You should take advantage of the free consultation and meet many attorneys before hiring one.

Meeting multiple attorneys will help you determine the attorney who is best suited for you and your case.

Reasons to Have Your Record Expunged

  • Job

Before hiring an employee, an employer will conduct a background check. Most companies in the United States have policies that prohibit hiring a person if any criminal record is registered under their name.

Class C misdemeanor Texas assault case can get filed against you based on the plaintiff's words only. Because of this, people are often surprised when police suddenly arrive and arrest or record-making citations without hearing anything from them.

Even if the company does not have any such policy, a criminal record can act as a defining factor if they try to choose between two equally qualified candidates.

  • Custody

If your family and your child are essential to you; you need to consider getting your criminal record expunged, as when it comes down to the custody of your child; your criminal record might be a problem.

  • Loan

The credit score is not the only thing banks look at when someone applies for a loan. A background check of the person applying for a loan is also a part. Loan agencies and banks might think that a criminal conviction is an indication that the person would not meet their financial obligation.

It simply means that you either won't be granted a loan, and if you would, you may face prohibitive interest rates.

  • Housing

Looking for a new apartment or a flat to live in? Like banks and loan agencies, homeowners associations, and private landlords conduct a tenant's background check.

While the reason for your criminal record may have been just a one-time thing, it is capable enough to get the approval for your new home.

To conclude –

After being wrongly arrested, your life should not stop. The smart way to start the petition for Tx expungement is by taking the legal help of an experienced attorney.

A qualified expungement Attorney can address your legal needs, explain the law, and represent you in court. Take the first step now and make no delays in contacting an attorney to discuss your specific legal situation.


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