What's the More Stylish Eyewear??

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Glasses vs Contacts

What's the More Stylish Eyewear??

Is it better to wear your glasses or should you invest in contact lenses? If your eyes are totally fine, can you make yourself look more fashionable by wearing a pair of non-prescription glasses? This article covers some of the best places to wear glasses or contacts. This way, you can determine for yourself when are glasses and when are contacts most stylish to wear.


For both men and women, it's typically more stylish to wear contacts when you go to the beach, rather than glasses. For the most part, it's simply much more convenient to wear contacts at the beach, or anywhere else where you might be around water. Anyone who has ever needed glasses knows that wet glasses are super annoying to wear.

As a bonus, when you wear contacts, you can wear whatever sunglasses you want, which can add to your style. People who exclusively wear glasses can invest in transition lenses or prescription sunglasses. However, these sunglasses are typically more expensive than non-prescription sunglasses.

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Job Interviews

For whatever reason, people tend to think that people with glasses tend to be smarter than people who don't wear glasses. In reality, the only thing that separates people who wear glasses from people who don't is the fact that people who need to wear glasses simply can't see as well as people who do not have to wear glasses. Even though there is no real correlation between intelligence and wearing glasses, wearing glasses at a job interview may work toward your advantage just because of this myth.


Similar to job interviews, it can be helpful to wear your glasses while at work. However, whether it is better and more stylish to wear glasses or contacts at work depends more on what your job is than anything else. If you work in an office space, a hospital, a bank, an academic institution, or for just about any desk job, it can be more stylish to wear glasses than contacts. Wearing glasses in these places can help you to look classier and more professional.

If you're working in a less professional workplace, then wearing contact lenses might be for your benefit, regardless of whether they are more stylish or not. For example, if you work in fast food, retail, or the service industry in general, it might be easier for you to work without the distraction of easily smudged glasses.


If you're working out correctly, you're likely to get pretty sweaty. If you've got too much sweat dripping off your nose, then you're likely to be at risk for your glasses slipping off your nose as well. This is not convenient and it's not a look. For this reason, it's best to put in your contacts and leave your glasses at home if you're planning on hitting the gym.

School Dances

Many teenagers look forward to their school dances. Both guys and girls may find themselves trying to dress their best for school dances. Along with this goal comes the question as to whether or not wearing glasses is stylish or not. Here, gender tends to play a part.

For most men's fashions, glasses or contacts will go well with most formalwear. For this reason, it does not seem to matter much whether a boy wears glasses or not. However, for picture-taking reasons, wearing contacts will not run the risk of causing glare like wearing glasses might.

Girls will likely have more questions about their fashion choices. Generally speaking, girls seem to be expected, more so than boys, to forgo their glasses when at formal events. Wearing contacts seems to be classier. Contacts, compared to glasses, make it much easier to wear and see eye makeup. If a girl does want to continue wearing glasses, it would be to her advantage to check into formal-wear glasses. These glasses are specially made for occasions like school dances, as they tend to be more stylish than the average pair of glasses.


Weddings are some of the most elegant parties that adults will go on any sort of regular basis. They are almost like the adult version of a school dance, as far as the celebratory nature and style go. For this reason, the same advice given for school dances for teenagers can also apply to adults at weddings.

All in all, it's up to the wearer to decide whether they should wear glasses or contact lenses. Glasses come with a certain ease of wearing that contacts do not. On the other hand, contacts cannot become smudged or fogged up as glasses can. These pros and cons, along with the general style, all contribute to whether wearing glasses or contacts is better for certain occasions. So, what's your vote?

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