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What Questions Should You Ask From A Home Inspector When Hiring Same Day?

by ellie jacob 2 years ago in house
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Home inspection is one of the important yet the trickiest things that one has to go through especially before the time of selling a house. There are hundreds of home inspectors that one can easily find in their area and because of that there is always a problem associated to how can one find that one perfect same day home inspector in Atlanta GA to get their home checked well.

To clear up this hurdle for you, we have listed down some of the most important questions that one should keep in mind before saying yet to any home inspector. The trick is to listen to the answers given by the respective contractors carefully and you would then be easily able to identify who is best for you.

How Has Your Experience Been In The Home Inspection Field?

First up, as it is obvious, you need a home inspector who is experienced enough for the job. A lot of people fall in the trap of the number of years a contractor has spent in the relevant field without actually realizing that the same metrics cannot determine the quality of service one has delivered over the years to its past customers. Therefore to get more relevant answers regarding the experience from a contractor, it is advisable that you ask more open-ended questions like how has their experience been in the industry or what is the toughest inspection job that the company has done over the years.

Do You Have All The Up-to-Date Tools?

A quality home inspection is nearly impossible without the tools. This is because you are going to look up for the presence of mold in the house, any cracks in the attic or further small things. Hence, such tasks are only possible if you have the right inspection tools that are of your own. You should never hire a company that borrows its tools from someone else because in the end they are going to charge you for the similar rent and the cost would double up as a result. Hence, ask the question regarding equipment straight away before hiring them.

What is Their Reputation In The Market?

This is a question that one should ask himself while looking out for same day home inspector service in Atlanta GA. The best tip is to always go on the internet and search about what past customers have to say about the company that you feel like selecting. There is always a review section available either on the company’s official website or social media outlet and customers speak the truth there. So, if you have found a company that has great customer reviews and will put the amount of effort you are looking for in a contractor only then make the move of hiring them.

How Much Do You Charge?

As in the end, all the matter comes down to the cost therefore you should ask the contractor straight up about the way they are going to charge you and how much. Normally, good contractors first do their site inspection to offer a good quote and then give you the estimate. We also recommend that you go for the similar practice when choosing a home inspector in Atlanta.


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