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What is better - an inverter AC or a normal split AC?

by Tehfeen Javaid about a year ago in house
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Haier Pakistan

When it comes to cooling down the air in summers, Haier air conditioners are the top-most priority. They maintain a cooling temperature of the house and help clean the air quality. For the scolding heat of summers in Pakistan, buying air conditioners are a must nowadays.

Many different brands offer air conditioners in Pakistan, but Haier offers the most affordable and reliable air conditioners in Pakistan. Haier offers the best inverter ac prices in Pakistan.

If you are planning to buy an air conditioner any time soon, then you need to keep in the mind a clear difference between an inverter air conditioner and a non-inverter air conditioner. The difference will help you decide the better option out of two.

Difference between Inverter AC and Normal Split AC

Today everyone prefers to buy an inverter technology air conditioner rather than a normal split air conditioner. The reason is that the inverter air conditioners are eco-friendly and save up to 66% of power compared to a non-inverter air conditioner. However, inverter air conditioners are expensive compared to non-inverters, but they prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

A brief overview of the difference between the two technologies is as below.


The design of these air conditioners is the major difference between these two types.  Inverter air conditioners have the functionality to regulate the speed of compressor motors. So, the inverter ac automatically reduces the speed of the compressor motor once the room temperature cools, which helps save energy at that point.

On the other hand, in the normal split air conditioner, the speed of the compressor motor does not automatically adjust. It has only two choices, either it runs at full speed, or it stops. In such air conditioners, once the room temperature reduces to the desired level, the motor stops. However, the starting and stopping of the compressor motor makes extra noise and consumes more energy. Also, a constant amount of power is a must to run a compressor motor at a fixed speed.


You may notice at some point in time that outdoor units of some air conditioners make a lot of noise, while others don’t. The difference is due to technology. Non- Inverter air conditioners make a lot of noise compared to the Haier inverter air conditioners. The prime reason is switching on and off or the compressor motor in normal split ac. While on the other, the compressor motor inverter ac does not switch on and off, it simply adjusts the variable speed according to the room temperature, not making any noise. So, if you love silence then, inverter air conditioners are a better option for you.


Inverter air conditioners are a completely new technology in the market, and as every new technology is expensive, inverter ac is also expensive. The average price of inverter ac in Pakistan is much higher than the average cost of non-inverter split air conditioners.

However, you can find many more features in inverter air conditioners, and they prove to be a long-term investment. Most importantly, inverter air conditioners help reduce the electricity bills because of which people are switching from non-inverter to inverter technology, considering the overall cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, inverter air conditioners require very little maintenance and are less costly to install. You can get a perfect air conditioning performance while saving energy.

Energy Consumption: 

If you are looking for an air conditioner that can save energy, then inverter air conditioners have no comparison. Though they are more expensive they help reduce energy consumption. Haier smart air conditioners automate the heating and cooling in an energy-efficient way. They work best in all seasons and reduce your electricity bills. However, you cannot expect the same from the non-inverter air conditioners.

Impact on the Environment:

Another prime difference between the two technologies is their impact on the environment. It is important to note that every air conditioner uses some substance that changes from gaseous form to liquid form, cooling down the room temperature. The chemical substance is known as refrigerants.

In non-inverter air conditioners, R-22 refrigerant is commonly used. It is an HCFC compound that is a prime cause of reducing the ozone layer and resulting in the greenhouse effect. It is very cheap and easily available because of which it is used in all non-inverter air conditioners.

Whereas in inverter ac refrigerants like R-32 and R-410 are used, which are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Which Air Conditioner You Should Buy?  

The type of air conditioner you are planning to buy depends on your requirements. If you live in a city where the temperature is cold and you only need an air conditioner for a few months, then you can go for a normal split air conditioner. But, if you live in a city with a high temperature, then Haier inverter air conditioners should be your ultimate choice.


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