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What are the Pros and Cons of DIY Solar Panel Installation?

Solar Panel Installation Sydney

By AYKA SolarPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

There are many benefits to going solar. Some people prefer to use clean, renewable energy, and others find it convenient to rely on a private solar company Sydney. There are numerous benefits to going solar, including reducing your expenses, saving money on your heating/cooling bills, combating global climate change by avoiding harmful gas emissions from power plants.

Saving money on your electric bill isn't just important for avoiding energy costs that can spike during the summertime or for avoiding double-dipping on payments for things like air conditioning or heating. Homeowners who go solar also reap numerous financial benefits, such as lower utility bills and better value for their investment in clean energy equipment. When you add all these factors together, it can make financial sense to go solar.

Now, it's entirely possible to see significant savings by using a professional solar company Sydney— that is, after all, how most people go solar. Just to directly lower your upfront costs as much as possible, many people consider doing a "do-it-yourself (DIY) solar installation." Eventually, everyone seems to think that it's cheaper to install yourself rather than hiring someone professional to do it for you!

Let's understand the pros and cons of a DIY solar installation and how does one go about completing one?

Is it worth doing a DIY solar installation?

While starting your own solar installation on your own is much cheaper than hiring a professional solar company Sydney, it's still an extensive and costly commitment. You'll want to determine whether DIY solar is right for you before becoming too invested in the process. We are here to help you decide if a DIY solar installation is worth it for you. We have made a list of possible pros and cons.

  • PROS

Cost savings

A professional solar company's average cost of solar panel installation is around $1.01 per watt as of May 2021. A typical 5 kW (5,000 watts) solar system Sydney works out to $7000.

A 5 kW DIY solar panel kit supposedly costs you near the same rate. If you perform the entire installation job yourself, without any contractors, the whole cost of a 5 kW DIY solar installation will go around $5,000.

That gives you a potential savings of $2000 by choosing DIY over a professional solar installation.

The figures above are just averages. Many variables can change these numbers for you, such as system size and whether or not you qualify for the solar tax credit.

DIY satisfaction

If you're one of those people who likes to accept big and challenging DIY projects and complete them smoothly, then a DIY solar installation might give you self-satisfaction.

You will need to draw on many different skill sets. Possessing a solid business acumen, proficiency with power tools, electrical work, and a talent for negotiating municipal processes will help you evaluate and implement new systems or equipment.

And there are many stages to solar installation Sydney — researching, planning, shopping, permitting, installation, electric wiring, and monitoring.

This solar project will keep you busy for a while, and if you manage to complete it on your own, you will feel a sense of pride in your accomplishment.

  • CONS

You need to invest a lot of time and effort.

Taking up a DIY solar installation on yourself can be rewarding — but only if you're actively seeking a severe DIY challenge.

If, however, your experience with DIY projects is only limited to tasks such as assembling a set of furniture, you might want to do some research or drop the idea of taking on solar. A DIY solar installation Sydney not only requires much planning and organizational skills, but it is also a very time-consuming and tiring project. A DIY solar installation can usually take up to one to four months.

Risk of roof damage or leaks

This is perhaps the most prominent financial risk when choosing to do a DIY solar installation for your home.

An easily overlooked but potentially critical aspect of solar power development is the proper installation of solar panels Sydney. Making these holes requires specialized tools and expertise. In some cases, roofers may begin by drilling pilot holes into the roof to prepare for later additions or remove debris.

A DIY solar installation voids your roof's warranty, meaning if there's a problem with your installation and it needs to be fixed, you'll have to pay for it out of pocket — even if you've signed up for a warranty replacement.

Physical danger

Before you start any solar installation work, it's best to understand one of the biggest risks facing DIYers: heights and high voltage electricity. If you're installing solar panels Sydney on your roof or garage, you're putting yourself in a very vulnerable position. There are electrical hazards that can and will kill you if not understood. The height of the electrical wiring is critical! If it's higher than what your house or building permits, it can electrocute you!

And the risks aren't just restricted to the installation. If there are any problems with the 25-year life of the panels, you will have to struggle to get back on the roof to troubleshoot the issue.

Worst of all, if you don't connect the wiring correctly, your rooftop system could catch fire!

No support for faults or warranty claims

You are on your own if there is ever a fault with the equipment.

Of course, you can still contact the manufacturer directly, but it can be challenging to prove a warranty claim. It's also unlikely that the manufacturer would be willing to offer a replacement or repair service if anything goes wrong during the installation process.

Inability to claim some incentives

Australia’s government offers incentives and rebates that dramatically reduce the cost of going solar.

Some incentives, however, are only available when a certified solar company Sydney completes the installation. Make sure to check what incentives and rebates are available where you live.


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