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Wedding Photo Ideas You Need to Try


By Nina SandersPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

As one of the most important events in your life, the wedding has to be marked the right way. Every aspect of it has to reflect you and your relationship — from celebration itself, over the wedding dress, all the way to photos (especially the photos). And of course, who wants those boring, "bride standing beside the groom smiling" wedding photos in the 21st century? The new age photography techniques and technology, along with well-trained photographers, allows us to create memories that look so artistic they’re almost out of this world. And if you can’t find the inspiration, here are some ideas you should consider.

Include your pet.

If you own a pet (or pets), they’re probably a big part of your life, and they will continue to be after you get married. And even though it may not be safe to include them into your party, you should definitely consider including them into your photos. Not only will the photos be truly complete with your whole family in them, you will also make your pet happy because you’ll include them in a fun activity. These photos can look extremely cute and unique. Check some of them out yourself here.

Find glamour everywhere.

Who said wedding photos have to be strictly formal? You can make a great twist by implementing photos of, for example, the bride and groom with their wedding party all glammed up preparing for the big day. The best man is helping the groom with the tux, bride’s mother is ironing the dress with full hair and makeup, bridesmaids are doing a last-minute guest list check in their dresses, etc. Sometimes the chaos adds a perfect touch to the photos. It’s spontaneous photos like these that truly have a soul and will make you slightly melancholic when you look at them years after.

Poses to Consider

The pose is also a big factor when it comes to creating a perfect wedding photo. Here are some of the essential ones you should implement.

You can’t see me!

Traditionally, the bride shouldn’t let the groom see her in the dress before the wedding day. To make the shoot special and fun, make sure you stick to that rule and then, when the photographer arrives, first take one where the bride covers the groom’s eyes and the second one when he turns around and sees her for the first time

First Dance Outside

Even though first dance usually occurs at the reception, you can feel free to make a few steps during your photo shoot. Catch this intimate and beautiful experience with a camera.

The Kisses

For a fairytale-like shot, you can’t leave the kissing photos out. Try them all, the hand kiss, the forehead kiss, the kiss with a veil over them, etc.

‘I will show you the world.’

If there’s a beautiful scenery somewhere near you, make the best use of it. For example, if you two are Sydneysiders, do your wedding photography in Sydney. For example, you two can be at the Sydney Harbour looking towards the city or kissing by the Opera house.

Find a theme.

This of course, doesn’t mean you should go full Star Wars mode and give each guest a lightsaber on their way in. Instead, find something unique for the two of you. Talk to your photographer and figure out what elements you can sneak into the photos for a great inside joke. Outfits and gadgets are not the only way to show your personalities.

Don’t be afraid to go sexy.

Even though weddings traditionally emphasize the virginal and sweet aspect of the bride (ahem, the white dress, ahem), not every couple needs to follow that vibe. If you two are already known to be edgy — embrace it on your photos, don’t hide it. For example, if you have matching tattoos — proudly show them off during the photo shoot. The same goes for piercings, matching hidden accessories — for example, the bride can wear a pair of Converse shoes instead of heels hidden underneath her fancy wedding dress, while the groom can wear a matching pair with his fancy suit.

That would be it. How did you like these ideas? Let us know.


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