ways to keep busy during lockdown or isolation for coronavirus

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ways to keep busy during lockdown or isolation for coronavirus

1/ Get jobs done around the house that have been put off or havent had time to do.....

  • These could be repairs, renovations, deep cleaning.

2/ Declutter your home..

  • You could go through all of your clothes and sort them out .
  • have a box or bag for donating, exchanging with family, selling, composting (any natural fibres like linen or cotton can be cut up and put in the compost) ,upcycled ..add buttons or embellishments or make jeans into shorts.
  • Put the boxes or bags of donate ,sell or exchange aside somewhere out of the way until you are out of isolation or lockdown.
  • You could go thru all of your cupboards and draws and do the same thing.
  • Go through all of your papers..sort out, file or put in folders.Get rid of any dont need any more.
  • Arrange with your different billers to get electronic statements through email instead of adding to paper clutter.

3/Rearrange your furniture or trinkets...

  • if you are sick of looking at the same room all the time and need a change..or just rearrange things on shelves or cupboards to have a different feel to the room.

4/ have a weekly thing that you can do to make yourself feel better..or do with your family, or other people stuck in the house at the same time as you..

  • ideas include...
  • : a dance party
  • : all get dressed up and have a nice dinner together even if its baked beans on toast.
  • : games night
  • :movie night or movie day..binge watch streaming episodes..
  • : work on your garden
  • : do something creative...artwork, painting, drawing, writing, or study a subject you are interested in on the internet.

4/Keep in touch with loved ones....

  • ; write letters to people you love
  • : spend time with family and friends through instagram ,and facebook, skype or discord or any other apps that allow facetime and going live.

5/ Exercise ..

  • :walk around your home
  • :do housework
  • :walk around your garden
  • :yoga
  • :meditate..find a comfy spot close your eyes and just concentrate on your breathing for 5 or 10 mins each day.
  • :make up a routine you can do in your house..like weights ,skipping rope, jogging
  • on the spot, boxing with a partner

6/eat and drink as well as you can..

  • If you need to ..ration food or make it last longer.
  • Stay hydrated.drink plenty of water.
  • If you have fruit trees or a vegie garden pick as much as you can and cook /dry them and freeze them for future meals.
  • Use the internet or recipe books and try different ways of cooking what you have in the fridge or cupboard and try and make in bulk so you can freeze them for another meal.

7/ Write out all the positives about being stuck at home

  • some examples could be
  • :how much money you will save from not dining out, or going to shopping centres.
  • :how carbon emissions are going down now instead of going up.
  • :how much more time you have to get things done that you have procrastinated about around the home.
  • :how much time you get to spend with the people in your home.

8/Listen to your favorite tunes..

  • Listening to music can improve your mood and get your feet tapping and produce endorphins.

We are all in this together..take care.

Donna Bolch
Donna Bolch
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