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Vastu for Home : 6 Tips for Happy Home

by Shivam Dutta about a month ago in house
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Vastu for Home : Confused about how to follow Vastu? Here we have several ideas for designing your entire home following Vastu.

Your surroundings can drastically shape you. Your mood, health, prosperity, energy, and personality all can be affected by your environment, which in turn can affect your future decisions and choices. Therefore, it becomes incredibly crucial to alter the space you live in, your own home, to impact your life positively.

Unlike contemporary architecture, Vastu Shastra focuses on altering the overall energy of the space to improve mood, health, relationships, communication, prosperity, and create harmony. It is the geometrical/spatial sync of your home with the universe.

However, sometimes it becomes impossible to follow Vastu for your entire house if you are shifting in a pre-built place or a tenant. In that case, there are specific tips you can practice according to Vastu.

Here's how you can make your house a home using Vastu:

1. The Main Entrance

Vastu for Home

The entrance marks the beginning of your house. It can face any of the east, north, or north-east directions. It is believed that energy enters through the main entrance, so it should be made with quality wood and made appealing by putting nameplates and hanging torans and must open in a clockwise direction.

Do not put dust-bins, shoe racks, or other statues or figures around the main entrance because it brings negative energy to your house.

2. The Living Room

Vastu for Home

For most households, the living room comes just after the entrance. It can face north, east or north-east and furniture should be kept in the west or south-west direction. All electrical appliances should be kept in the southeast part of the room and use warm pastel colors such as beige, yellow and white to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests and your family.

3. The Bedroom

Vastu for Home

The bedroom should be present in your house's south, west, or south-west part. And keep the bed in the same direction, and your head should also point in the same direction when you sleep. It helps in improving the quality of sleep and overall mental well-being. Do not put a mirror in front of your bed since it causes fights and problems in relationships. Color your bedroom with colors that indicate warmth, peace, stability, and serenity, such as shades of red, pink, purple, white, and orange.

4. The Kitchen

Vastu for Home

You should build the kitchen in the southeast section of the home since it is in the direction of fire. And paint it in bright color combinations like yellow, pink, peach, and brown. The east direction is the direction of positive energy. Hence, you must do the cooking in this direction. All the appliances, gas burners, or stoves should be kept in the southeast. While the sink or the basin must be in the opposite direction, that is, north-east, to ensure both fire and water elements do not mix up and create imbalance.

5. The Bathroom

Vastu for Home

The kitchen and the worship room are considered pure and sacred places. Therefore, the toilets and bathrooms must not share their walls with them. Moreover, it should not be built under the staircases and should face the west or north-west direction. Place mirrors on the east, north, or north-east walls and place the washbasin accordingly.

General Idea

Even though each room has its demands and needs, the whole house shares some standard features, and we have listed them down to make things easier for you:

All rooms should be well-lit.

Ensure proper ventilation to every part of the house.

Abstain from dark colors such as black, and stick to light, warm pastel colors.

Keep your home clean and clutter-free.

It is a tedious task to plan and design a whole house, but it is worth the time, effort and money you put into it. A well-planned home comes with its benefits. At Idesign, you will get several ideas on designing a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing home. After all, mental well-being, prosperity, good health, and healthy relationships are the necessities for a happy life.

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