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Uwell Crown D-----An E-cig With Both Strength And Elegance


By NowOur TimesPublished 5 months ago 5 min read

Are you currently using electronic cigarettes? Or are you interested in e-cigarettes? With the increasing popularity of e-cigs in recent years, more and more users have joined the ranks of vaping. Not only for the sake of health, e-cigarettes have a longer service life and will not be thrown away like ordinary tobacco, so the enjoyment time can also be extended. What I want to recommend for you today is an electronic cigarette from uwell, uwell crown d. I believe that most people should have used this brand of electronic cigarette. Because it has a good reputation in the ranks of e-cigarette brands. Seven years of experience has also made uwell a firm foothold in the market, and the next product is worth your careful understanding.

What are the characteristics of Uwell Crown D?

Uwell Crown D is a simple type among many types of e-cigarette brands, with an inhalation activation function. This also means that you can free your hands to achieve true vaping freedom. Traditional electronic cigarettes need to be activated by buttons, and with the advancement of technology, the function of inhalation activation has also been born.

Generally, the simpler pod kits are relatively simple to assemble and have no extra accessories. This kit installs a 0.96" Display for you. In fact, more and more electronic cigarettes now provide screens to better monitor data and provide various adjustable functions. Such as POWER/VOLT/Bypass, etc. Diversified The functions are provided for a more perfect and precise taste.

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There is an airflow adjustment button on the side. Some kits will punch a small hole on both sides to help inhalation, but with the cooperation of the airflow adjustment key, it will be more smooth and more suitable for you

Does it live long enough?

As a compact and portable kit, the uwell crown d still provides you with a 1100mAh built-in battery, 35W of power, and maintains a high output state. Then some users will ask, isn't it easier to shorten the life of the device with such a high output, like those mentioned above, the power and voltage modes, etc., are adjustable, if you feel that the continuous high output is not very safe, then it is also possible to control through the operation button.

What I want to mention here is that the bottom wheel of the uwell crown d is equipped with a bottom wheel that adjusts the power, and the power can be easily adjusted just by rotating it. This is what sets this device apart.

How does the configured device perform?

I have to say that the crown d pod kit is outstanding in all aspects, both in terms of performance and configuration. This time, the uwell crown d pod has a capacity of 3ml. You can fill it through the top to avoid oil leakage.

How's the overall durability?

When the aluminium alloy material is used with PCTG, the whole is relatively firm and durable, and basically, there will be no wear or breakage. The smooth surface is also comfortable to hold in the hand without scratching your hands. Carry it in your pocket without any weight.

Is it convenient for beginners to use?

In fact, the most suitable electronic cigarette for beginners is the pod kit, because there is no need to operate the complicated atomizer and the cleaning and maintenance of the device. The same is true for uwell crown d, only a simple pod and coil are detachable, and their installation and insertion are also very simple, so users have no difficulty in operation. It should be noted that the coil needs to be soaked for a period of time before use, so that the taste will be more intense and authentic.

What are the reasons for convenience for experienced veterans?

I believe that many experienced users use a pod vape kit just because of its convenience, and this device is undoubtedly very convenient to carry, whether it is in a pocket or in the hand, it will not be taken anywhere. Come to any sense of weight. And it also has an adjustable function, I believe it can be easily achieved for some experienced people who want to satisfy the taste.

liquid Choice

The choice of e-liquid is also more particular. For this kind of device whose power is much lower than that of vape mod kit, the e-liquid used needs to have high nicotine content. For example, crown d, I recommend 50VG:50PG content. Nicotine salt concentration of 20mg would also be more appropriate. The resulting taste will be more ideal, and there will be no incomplete combustion of the e-liquid. At you can get various brands of e-liquids, such as dinner lady, doozy vape, vampire and more. I believe it will add icing on the cake to your vaping experience.

More suggestions

Of course, uwell has some recommended products for uwell products, such as uwell caliburn x, which is the first device to add a screen to the pod kit. The airflow adjustment technology on the side can also create precise airflow for users, and the fire button also The multi-function mode is realized, which greatly simplifies the device design and adds more service items for users. I think it is one of the caliburn series worth starting.


I believe that whether it is uwell crown d or uwell caliburn x, the quality and performance of the product will not let you down. After all, uwell is already a professional manufacturer with many years of experience. With the most sincere service attitude and rigorous and innovative production technology, we will create an unparalleled vaping experience for you. And our vapesouring uk are committed to treating each and every customer who comes to our website with care and attention, and to ensuring quality and after-sales service.

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    Uwell Crown D-----An E-cig With Both Strength And Elegance

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