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Types of Commercial Locks That you Should Know?

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By Any Car Key MadePublished 3 years ago 2 min read
Types of Commercial Locks That you Should Know?
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Locks provide protection to your property whether it's commercial or residential. People are more attentive when it comes to the security of commercial buildings. To provide full protection there are a number of locks available that secure your commercial property. Here we will discuss the types of commercial locks that are important to know if you are planning to install one for your business.

You can take the assistance of a Tampa Locksmith as well during lock installation; they will provide you the best advice as per your requirements.

Types of Commercial Lock Keys:

Keypad Door Locks:

Keypad door locks have keyless access and have a passcode to type while entering the office premises. These keypad door locks have their own benefits. It is easy or simple to access, has full control over the entering of people, and helpful in all saving from the type of theft. There are a number of commercial locksmiths in Tampa who are experts in installing these keypad door locks.

Push bar Door Locks:

Push bar door locks accessed through the bar or handles that you can press to lock or unlock the doors. The internal mechanism of these bars is connected with the latch which keeps the door locked. And on each side of these bars, there are base plates having a pair of arms. These arms are responsible to activate the latch retractor which is helpful in operating the commercial doors.

Fingerprint Locks:

Fingerprint locks are very much in the trend due to its hassle-free process. Neither they need keys or passwords to open the doors. In this lock, fingerprints are registered of the concerned persons who have permission to enter inside the office premises. Many fingerprints can be registered in this lock and can be installed in any standard door.

Card Reader Locks:

Card reader locks are operated by the rectangular shape plastic cards having a digital pattern on it. The lock recognizes this digital pattern and then opens or closes the door accordingly. This lock system is used by many businesses to maintain privacy and security.

Restricted Key System:

Restricted key locks can only unlock by its keys. The keys of the lock handover to the authorized person who can open or close the building. The owner can make duplicate keys also to provide access to keys to fewer persons.

Electric Door Locks:

Electric door locks are operated after the electric current passes through the machine that moves the latch or bolt which is then responsible to open or close the doors. These locks are safer and used by most of the businesses.

Mortise Locks:

Mortise locks are used in commercial security settings. It includes a strike plate, lock body lock cylinder via the handle. Not only this, these locks have another mechanism as well like faceplates, a day-night switch, and rose plates which provide a higher level of security.

Bottom Line:

Not all commercial buildings have the same security locks. Every business uses a different type of locks for the protection as per their requirements. Get more information about the locksmith service read our different blogs about it. All the above types of locks are highly secure and protective.

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