Turning Your Bathroom into a Zen Oasis

by Mia Johnson 4 months ago in house

Decorating tips and tricks

Turning Your Bathroom into a Zen Oasis

While the bedroom is the space where you get to rest after an exhausting day, it is actually the bathroom where you properly begin and end your day. In addition to helping you maintain your hygiene, the bathroom can also be a room where you can relax and focus on yourself. With that in mind, if this space is far from an oasis of peace, you should work on bringing in some Zen. Luckily for you, this usually doesn’t require any major remodeling and can be achieved with just a few decorating tips and tricks. Take a look below if this sounds appealing.

Get rid of unnecessary items

To reach the state of Zen, your bathroom cannot be cluttered. That is rule number one. This should not come as a surprise as no one can really relax in a space full of unnecessary items. In this case, minimalism is your friend and you should try to make this room as clutter-free as possible. Therefore, you should start by cleaning out your bathroom. Go through all of your products and see whether there are any that you don’t really use or any that have expired. Toss those into the trash. Decide whether there are any items that could be sold or donated. Furthermore, reconsider your storage options. If there are too many things cluttering up the space, maybe you can find some more practical cabinets where you can arrange your possessions so that they are not creating a mess.

Implement a natural color scheme

Deciding on the right color palette is vital for achieving a peaceful atmosphere. To promote tranquility, you should opt for some soft and natural hues instead of bold ones. You can go for the classic white, off-white, or beige, but you can also choose green or blue to heighten the connection to nature. For your elements, choosing a natural wood color, which matches the entire aesthetic, is a good move. Of course, like we said, you don’t need to completely redo your bathroom. For instance, you can repaint your walls if they are not covered in tile. Or, if you do want to go all out, sure—change all the tiles, both on the walls and floor.

Bring in natural elements

While on the topic of the floors, you can also consider something other than tile. For example, wooden or stone floors will both fit your natural color scheme and bring you closer to serenity. On the other hand, there are so many details which you can use to introduce more natural elements. A sisal rug on the tiles, organic bamboo towels hanging on wooden towel racks, and woven laundry baskets can all play a big role in achieving the desired atmosphere. Furthermore, you can get wooden mirror frames or bath trays. In case you have a small bathroom and a small budget, adding things such as a nature-inspired shower curtain or bath mat can also add a touch of Zen.

Don’t forget about greenery

Of course, we cannot talk about natural elements without mentioning actual plants. What better way to create a sense of peace than using greenery? Depending on the space at your disposal, you can introduce as many plants as you want, seeing as how there are many that thrive in a bathroom environment. You can get some hanging ones, such as the spider plant, or put them on a counter (consider aloe vera). Bamboo, philodendron, and orchids are also good options. Plus, not only will plants make the space more nature-oriented, but they will provide you with plenty of health benefits as well.

Introduce relaxing scents

Other than transforming your space visually, you should also think about the scent in the bathroom. An essential part of the Zen vibe is, without a doubt, candles. Choose your favorite fragrance and if you have a tub, enjoy the peace and quiet of a bath under candlelight. You can also invest in various oil diffusers, bath salts, or incense sticks to create a meditative atmosphere. Furthermore, the scent of fresh flowers is always welcome as well as herbs like rosemary and lavender.

Avoid harsh lighting

For a bathroom to be peaceful, it cannot have blindingly bright lights, and this is why you should look into layering them. For instance, an overhead fixture with a soft glow is great along with a few sconces, which you can turn on during relaxing baths. On the other hand, you cannot forget task lights, which are necessary for putting on your makeup or shaving, so make sure the space around the mirror is well-lit. Bonus tip: Avoid installing lights above the mirror as that will create deep shadows on your face and affect your getting-ready process.

These six tips are sure to turn your bathroom into a peaceful oasis. Of course, you don’t have to implement them all—just look for what works best for you and do that.

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