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Top methods to help you clean your residence fast

Cleaning is always a hassle; there's just no getting around this. Sure, cleaning an apartment is bound to vary widely from, say cleaning an office

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Top methods to help you clean your residence fast
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Cleaning is always a hassle; there's just no getting around this. Sure, cleaning an apartment is bound to vary widely from, say cleaning an office or corporate house. And even then, whether you are a rank amateur or an experienced professional, you still need to micromanage your tasks effectively. That's the only way you can speed up your cleaning process so that it doesn't consume too much time. And that's why you need to check out these pointers.

  • It starts with a system: When it comes to residential cleaning in Marysville or for that matter anywhere else, you need to have a system to speed up the cleaning process. For starters, you must have a plan when it comes to the actual cleaning and make sure that you start and end at the same spot. Being organized, and working with a plan should ensure that you're able to speed up the cleaning process. Simply put, you need to have a routine and make sure that you stick to the same.
  • Don't make the mistake of going down up: How often have you made the mistake of cleaning the floors and tables first, before moving upwards? That's why when it comes to residential cleaning, it's a good idea to go 'top-down, as in dusting the ceiling fan. That should ensure that you don't get dust on your floors and table, all over again.
  • Squeegee the windows: Cleaning the glass windows can be a real bummer at times. Dusting the windows and cleaning them, to ensure a 'streak-free finish can be achieved, sans any hassle. All you need is dish soap, water, or a cleaning solution. Apply it on the windows and wait a while. Now squeegee the windows, going from the top to the bottom end. Or you can also move from left to right but make sure that you wipe the windows clear once again. That should do the trick.
  • Ensure that your supplies are within reach: Before you start cleaning, make sure that all your supplies are within easy reach. Granted, most of the cleaning fluids come packed in huge, bulky containers. In that case, just transfer the contents to small, disposable bottles, and preferably ones with a spray. Now, you should be able to carry all the bottles in a handy container as you start the clean-up process.
  • Act in advance: There would be times when you feel as if you're being overwhelmed by the whole clean-up. Just know that the feeling is natural. Here's how you can deal with it - you can be proactive. You can act in advance and do the clean-up before the dust and grime build-up causes a real headache. Think ceiling fans, windows and these should clue you in.
  • Choose the right duster: When it comes to cleaning up the dust, a feather duster is essential. You need one which comes with an extendable handle and one where the quills don't fall out either. Moreover, these dusters must be able to fit in your carry bag as you move from room to room, dusting and cleaning as you go.
  • Kitchen: When it comes to the kitchen, the one issue you're most likely to deal with is grease. Grease builds up over time and that's why you need to clean your kitchen regularly, from the range to the dark spots on the wall. Just use some detergent with warm water to gently apply and scrub with a sponge. It should help reduce/remove the grease altogether. You can also use bleach or special solutions for the real, tough stains.

These are some of the top methods for cleaning your home. Just make sure you do the clean-up after making sure you have all the supplies that you need.


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