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Top 5 Large-Leaved Houseplants

by Maryam Monaghan 5 months ago in house
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Do you like houseplants?

Top 5 Large-Leaved Houseplants
Photo by Bart Zimny on Unsplash

When it comes to interior decoration, there are many options. But if you prefer natural flowers instead of ornaments, there are several rules to keep in mind. First of all, they must be non-toxic, which is especially important if you have pets.

You also need to choose a plan that suits your lifestyle. Therefore, you will not take a pot that must be watered daily, if you know that you do not stay at home, but you will take a plant that does not require much attention.

If you have a bright apartment, it is easier to have flowers that love heat and sunlight. That being said, read the next top 5 with large leafy houseplants.

Large-leaved plants are recommended for spacious apartments because otherwise you would be crammed with flowers and the rest of the objects in your home. Therefore, if you have free spaces that you do not know what to occupy, you can choose to place in the corners of the plant plants with rich leaves, which in addition to appearance, will contribute to the oxygenation of the apartment. Here are some of the plants recommended for you.


It is perhaps one of the most common houseplants. It is a shrub with large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves. The philodendron feels better in the shade and can be watered about once every two weeks. It is not at all pretentious and grows very fast, which is why from year to year, the pot must be replaced with a larger one.

Mother-in-law's tongue / Snake plant

The scientific name is Sansevieria, but in popular parlance, it is known as the mother tongue or snake plant. Its leaves are quite large, reaching up to 90 cm in length, but they are narrow.

They can have a different color, either with light green stripes or with silver or yellow stripes. The good part is that it does not need special care, so it should not be watered too often, being a desert plant. However, due to its origin, it must be borne in mind that, in general, Mother-in-law's language will need plenty of light.


It is one of the recommended houseplants for air purification. But as beneficial as it is, it can be toxic if swallowed. Therefore, think twice before buying, especially if you have small children or pets.

The bird of paradise

The name of the plant is inspired by brightly colored flowers and a unique shape. The Bird of Paradise has long leaves, up to 20 cm. Of African origin, it can be grown in our country only as an indoor plant.

It is not very pretentious, but it needs heat and light, which is why during the summer it is kept for at least four hours on the balcony or by the window, after which it can be moved to a more shady place. Also, it will never bloom from the first year it was sown, but after about four years, that is why it is known for its rare but spectacular flowers.

However, it should not be watered often, so it will not wither if you forget about it for a few days. Therefore, if you decide to "adopt" it in your apartment, the Bird of Paradise can be a special decoration plant due to its unique flowers that make it so special.

Boston Fern

A decorative plant that loves both water and light, the Boston fern will look very well suspended but also on a table. You can put it in one of the rooms or even on the balcony.

It is also among the popular plants for its benefits in air purification and is known as "the plant with the highest filtration efficiency".

Large-leaved plants are not only natural decorative elements, but also help to improve the air quality in your apartment.

Choose the plant only after you have read carefully their care, to be convinced that they will suit your home, but also your style, because some flowers are more demanding and will need your attention. What large-leaved plants do you have in your apartment?


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