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Top 10 Emergency Preparedness Items You Can Get For Cheap

by Jessica Bugg 11 months ago in list
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From The Dollar Tree Or Amazon

Top 10 Emergency Preparedness Items You Can Get For Cheap
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Ahh, the preppers. I have been surrounded by them, whether military or those who survived the fall of the USSR . . . these (mainly men) are always preparing for the end of the world or when the shit hits the fan. After going to the grocery store in 2020, I now know why they were so adamant about having so much stuff.

The issue is, it can be very cost prohibitive to buy everything you might need to last the end of the world for those of us on a budget. So I compiled a list of things you will need in case of an emergency that you can get for super cheap at the Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, or Amazon if you have to.

This list is in no ways exhaustive but will be a good starting point so the next time shit goes down like a snowstorm, hurricane, or even a massive shutdown, you won’t find yourself unprepared.

1). Matches

If there is no electricity due to a power outage like during Hurricane Matthew when we lost power in our neighborhood for eight days, you will want matches, whether you want to light candles, start a fire, or even just light a smokeable item.

Get as many as you can, as matches have no shelf life and can be used even when you are not in an emergency situation.

This is an item that also works as a barter item if necessary, so again, stock up on several. By several, I mean, a lot.

2). Candles

I will again reference the situation with Hurricane Matthew . . . there was no power in our neighborhood for eight days. One candle does not light as much as you would think when there isn’t any electricity. And candles burn quick when they are used for your only light source. This is another item that you will want to accumulate lots of . . . especially because you can use them in your regular, daily life as well.

3). Lighters

Notice a theme here? We need things that catch fire and things that make fire. Like the matches, these will be used to start fires for cooking, heating, and to light all of those candles you got so you can see. This is another good barter item if it really came down to it.

4). Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Dental Floss

Things can get a little iffy once the power grid is out and the water is shut off. You will want to maintain hygiene as best as possible and having extra dental care items will be a good investment for your stockpile.

5). Hand Sanitizer

Yeah remember how that was one of the things that went like hot cakes? Hell, one of my favorite bars in Jax was selling the stuff (they made a bag on that too). Hand sanitizer is another one of those important for hygiene items and can be used with or without water being available.

6). Batteries

And lots of them of all sizes. These are necessary for flashlights, lamps, and radios if things get super bad. Batteries are also a highly tradeable item that would come in handy if things get super bad.

7). Over The Counter Medications

Aspirin, Tylenol, Menstrual cramp relief, Pepto-Bismol . . . the list goes on. It is always advised to have a stocked medical cabinet anyway but for prepping, it’s even more necessary. Make sure to rotate your medicines because they do have an expiration date. OTC medicines are another prep item that are considered barterable items.

8). Sharpies

I love a good Sharpie. Sharpies are useful for writing, labeling, and if necessary, marking buildings and other landmarks if things went SUPER bad.

9). Plastic Wrap, Zip Lock Bags, and Aluminum Foil

These are great for storage but also for wrapping devices, cooking, storage of meals, etc. You can never have too many.

10). Drop Cloths (plastic)

These can be used for containment rooms or for shelter if your house is completed trashed due to storm, fire, or you have to leave your home and cannot get to your vehicle and have to go on foot.

Final Thoughts:

While this is not an exhaustive prepper list, it is the foundation for a good start for those who want to be more prepared in case of emergencies. And while the world as we know it may not be coming to an end, you will at some point in your life experience a natural disaster like a hurricane, a fire, or a snowstorm. Might as well be prepared before it happens.


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