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To All the Budding Photographers, Here’s Something to Your Interest and Benefit!

Camera and its accessories

By Tanvi PuniaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

As a person who enjoys capturing beauty and has a vision that enables them to admire everything in the world, you must have seen or used camera lenses and filters. These tiny glass pieces do much more than they look capable of doing. For those who love playing with various colors, filters will be a great help.

Filters adjust the reflections, lights, and glare as per the requirement or desire of the photographer. They enhance the aesthetics of the picture making them more effective and impactful. There is a wide variety of lenses and filters with specific properties, built to fulfill specific needs and modify certain aspects. These are the best friends of photographers. With the help of whom, they can make their pictures do justice to the efforts they’ve put in.

Lenses can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

The potential of a camera can’t be explored without the appropriate lens. The camera lens is used to focus the light from the viewfinder to the 35mm spot at the back of your film, DSLR, or mirrorless camera.

Without a lens, your camera can produce images only in white light which many times fails to capture the actual beauty of the object being captured. With a camera having fewer features, a high-quality lens could do miracles to your photos, whereas, usage of a low-quality lens attached to a full-fledged camera will also end up producing an ordinary image.

Two best friends must not be separated, as their efficiency is maximized when put together.

Types of camera lenses

Lenses can be broadly classified into two categories:

1. Prime lenses

A photographic lens has a fixed focal length, with an aperture from about f 2.8 to f 1.2. Their fixed focal length makes them comparatively less flexible. They do not consume much of your time and are lightweight as well. These are perfect for photographers who prefer to travel and wander.

2. Zoom lenses

It contains a series of lenses, each having different focal lengths making them more flexible in usage. The adjustment and precision of focal lengths would consume time, so for those who don’t want to miss out on various objects around them, they aren’t recommended. In comparison to prime lenses, these are heavier because of having various glasses and are larger and heavier as well.

Filters enhance your aesthetics and protect your lenses too!

The transparency of these lenses does not affect your photos and also prevents your lenses from scratches, cracks, and dust that often accumulates on the surface. They also enhance the beauty of the image naturally.

Bottom Line

You must have seen or used camera lenses and filters as someone who appreciates capturing beauty and have a vision that allows them to appreciate everything in the world. These little shards of glass are far more competent than they appear to be. Filters are going to be really helpful for people who enjoy experimenting with different hues.

Filters modify sunlight, glare, and reflections to suit the needs and preferences of the photographer. They improve the image's attractiveness, increasing its potency and impact. A vast array of lenses and filters with specialized qualities exist, each designed to meet certain requirements and alter particular features. For photographers, they are their closest companions.

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