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TikTok Marketing Strategy: 5 Actionable Tactics To Attract More Audience

TikTok Marketing Strategy

By ShiraRachelPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Though TikTok was launched in 2016, it has become a rapidly growing social media app with a larger follower base within a short period. Its popularity surpassed top social media apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.

TikTok has hit 700 million monthly active users in the U.S alone, with nearly 100 million people using this platform. It is a stunning app where entertainment and marketing potential is endless if you're a brand that wants to highlight your product into millions of people's eyes without any second thought.

In this article, you'll get five handy tactics to attract your audience to upgrade your marketing strategy on TikTok.

Take Part In Trends In A Creative Way

The trend is ruling the TikTok platform. The trend will change from time to time, but it has provided enough space for users to come up with their own content as they wish. If you want to show yourself along with buying TikTok views and increasing engagement rate, stay on top of the latest streaming trends.

Whether it's trending hashtags, challenges, or any viral videos, you have to be so fast with it and ensure you've fun with your content. If you include a unique twist with a personal touch, it assists you in beginning a new trend, and moreover, you can entice a lot of audiences.

Ensure You Provide Some Values

Nothing creates your unique image than coming up with your own original content. Original content refers to adding value to your videos; it looks authentic and beneficial to your audience. Remember, you have to frame content whether it must be funny or inspirational, but it must be entertaining. You can choose any type of niche or category. You must be an expert in that particular niche which helps to stand out. Ensure your content must be authentic and natural.

Keep It Short & Engaging

On TikTok, you must understand the three-second rule; well, what is the three-second rule? Within three seconds of your video, people will decide to watch your video or to scroll to the next.

To avoid people scrolling your video, you need to shoot your video with an engaging start, make sure your video content is good enough to make them stay. Within a few seconds, people may get bored or lose interest, so it's best to keep your video short.

Make Use Of Stitch Feature

TikTok will introduce exciting features each day; the stitch is another new one in that order. Using the stitch feature, Tiktokers allow using other video clips in their content. Ensure you have given permission to everyone to access your content for stitch. It encourages people to visit your account and engage with your videos. In fact, you can even add other people to your stitched video to extend your reach by enticing your fans.

Keep Check Your Analytics

It will take lots of effort, but not everything will work for your TikTok marketing; you need to ignore some practice right. Therefore using TikTok analytics, you can find out your best and worst things. It allows you to get a deeper insight into your audience and content performance. So, that you'll have a clear picture of your marketing strategy, so, by next time, you can reframe your marketing strategy according to the gathered data.


On TikTok, you need actionable efforts to make your brand stand out and increase your audience engagement rate. Anyways, continuing to make fun and entertain your audience will help you to grow your TikTok account. Stay tuned with your marketing plans, keep changing them according to the results, don't forget to evaluate your actions.

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Shira Rachel is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns.

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