Things you can do when you're BORED

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When you're Bored

Things you can do when you're BORED
When you're Bored

Are you a student or are you a few days before your payday and are you bored? Normally, you would pay an hour for yoga, go to the cinema, visit a restaurant or go play badminton, but all of these things are paid for. You need some activity that will entertain you and will cost you no money. Luckily, there are a lot of such activities, just you might not think of it. When you're bored, remember this article and get inspired. You have nothing to do and you have no money? We will advise you what to do in this situation!

What to do if you are bored and have no money?

Sports :

You don't have to pay for a gym or a court rental right away. Just put on sportswear and run. There is nothing better to fight off boredom! Sport will improve your fitness and benefit your health. You can exercise at home, outdoors or write to a friend and run together to run into the forest. Or combine pleasant with useful - take the dog and go run together. Don't you want to practice or run? Take a walk, clear your head, come up with new ideas, and boredom will be there! For sport, there is one more benefit - you can go for a healthy snack right away, so be sure you get tired and want to sleep quickly. For getting any sport apparel & cloths item saving rite providing these products on great discount.

Be Creative

Bored and don't have money? And you are gifted creative personalities? Maybe you don't even know. Try drawing something, turn on YouTube and have a private concert or try some DIY. You can find inspiration in some of our articles with HD UK.

Invite friends

Treat yourself, prepare a movie, karaoke or party game and invite your loved ones. What is better than having those around you who love you? If it is summer, prepare refreshments and go for a picnic together or have a pool party.


I do not mean the future, work, school or children. But plan your experiences, what will you do in the summer? Check out the internet for summer festivals, dining events or concerts. You can plan a trip abroad, vacation or weekend in South Bohemia. Write down your finances and investigations. Reach friends and suggest a week together and rent a cottage. These things have to be planned in advance, so don't wait for anything and prepare a summer of dreams you haven't experienced yet.

Make a Day for Yourself

Work out, read a book, make a royal breakfast to eat for an hour in peace, and watch your favorite show or movie. Treat yourself to a long bubble bath, peel, paint your nails, wear a homemade mask on your hair and do a fashion show on that occasion to see which clothes you are no longer wearing or are not wearing. You can throw it away or donate to charity. Good feeling from a good deed guaranteed.


Have fun with unpopular activities - cleaning. But do you know how fast you will pass the time before you clean up your kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom? You will start in the morning and in the evening, you will be so settled that you will go to bed immediately. And with a good feeling.

Educate Yourself

If you're wondering what you can do and how you can have fun, do something that you both enjoy and educate. Read the books! You don't have to be expert, even a simple story or a novel will give you a lot - at least vocabulary. Try to improve your language or start learning a whole new one. Write words, create sentences, watch videos in that particular language

Fill In The Diary And Plan

Open your diary, check your days off and plan something for them. Concert, trip, festival, exhibition, shopping or plan your vacation. Check out the tickets and various tours. Maybe you catch something for a good price and you can plan now!

Try to Cook

Cooking and baking are usually for a long time, so if you enjoy it, try new recipes or dust-off old ones you haven't done for a long time. Take out all cookbooks, select recipes, or jump to buy the necessary food and start making. Let the creations taste and let them boast too!

Usama Kamra
Usama Kamra
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