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The World of Online Surveys

by Diamond C. 12 months ago in list

Now, I'm not saying they're full of BS but... they're full of BS. Spoiler alert.

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Hey! It’s your girl, Diamond, here to give you another post you didn’t ask for!

This time though, we’ll be talking about something I think a lot of people who don’t like working have tried at least once in the past: Paid Online Surveys.

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I know, I know, saying those words is a dark omen in and of itself. But someone needs to talk about this! And as a nineteen-year-old girl with little prospect in terms of freelance writing in this moment in time, who better to talk about this than I? (Well, maybe a proper blog who could go more in-depth, listing every pay to answer site that’s somewhat popular and breaking down all the pros and cons before, at the end, telling you which one seems most promising)

Thing is, I’m not gonna do that.

One, we are not a proper blog. We are a fun medium where I rant about my life and journey to at least attempt to make a living for myself and be somewhat prepared for my future. Goal? To have a successful career by the time I’m twenty-one. Or, at the very least, to be able to pay my own bills on time, to be more realistic.

Two, that’s been done so many times before that it feels sooooooo overdone.

Three… there is no three, this is literally the only two reasons I’m not doing a proper list. If you want to see one, there are plenty you’ll find all through a simple Google search.

SO, how about you sit back and let me tell you a tale of a sixteen-year-old Diamond, shall I?

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Now, when I was sixteen, things were going… okay. I had my first real, proper kiss. My first real proper boyfriend. I was killing it grade-wise because I think I was still of the belief that I had to go to college if I wanted any chance of being rich. My social life was going great, and apart from my crippling mental state, it was all grand!

Except for my crying bank account. (Ha, just kidding, I didn’t have my own bank account yet! Didn’t get one until I was eighteen as a matter of fact.)

Yep, you read that right.

I was broke. Broke as a joke.

Even more broke than I was in middle school.

(Funny story there, I’d always been a pretty smart kid. I always worked really fast and was the first one done with every assignment and never did homework at home as I always finished it in class. And my classmates knew this SO they’d, of course, want to cheat off me. I realized this and thought to myself, ‘Why do this for free?’ so I created a little payment plan for people where they would give me money, candy, pencils/pens, trinkets, food, drinks, etc. in return for ‘seconds’. Seconds where they could look at my paper, that is. I had my phone and had a tick down timer and everything. Like, someone would give me a jolly rancher and I’d let them look for twenty-five seconds, that kinda thing. I was so smart and business savvy back then…

… I have no idea as to what happened either.)

But, I also didn’t want to get a part-time job because… I was lazy, let’s be real. I already went to school five days a week for eight hours, I didn’t want to cut down on my time at home actually relaxing just to get some extra money. (Yes, I regret this decision now but whatever.) So, younger Diamond turned to the one place that seemed to have all of the answers:

The internet.

There, I looked up everything I could to try and figure out how to make money for the least amount of effort possible and the very first thing I saw… well, do you wanna guess?

It’s obviously surveys, come on now.

Survey Junkie, Curious Cat, Swagbucks, Survey Monkey, and Inbox Dollars just to name a few.

And it all seemed perfect, right? Just answer some questions and you get some money, right? Hell, there are even apps that you can use to take surveys. Why would I not do this? It’s just free money!

I’ll tell you why I shouldn’t do it: It’s a waste of time. Seriously. And I figured that out pretty quick. Here are the two things I realized.

One, you don’t get money from surveys technically, you get points which, when you get a certain amount, you can get actual money. There is also a minimum of either $5 or $10, I don’t quite remember. And you see all the surveys and you’re like, oh it’ll take me a bit of time but if I do all of these I can either reach the minimum or get a good bit there already! And that brings us to the next thing which is…

Two, qualifications and space. Oh yes, the dreaded ‘I’m sorry but you are not qualified for this survey, here you are, take three points instead of the one hundred and twenty-three you thought you were getting, suck it’. I personally hated these with a passion. Because you would type in all of your information every single time you took a survey, they never remembered it despite you filling out a profile.

So, you’d be typing in your age, race, zip code, city, state, etc. every single time which was a chore in and of itself. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be disqualified right then and thereafter a single question. Worst-case scenario? You’re halfway through this thirty-minute survey when you received a pop up that tells you that the survey is currently full and you receive a pity three points again. Which translates to, heh, sorry you wasted your time kid. Try again next time.

Now, I already know there are gonna be people who disagree. Who talk about all of the money they’ve made and about how it’s just a side gig to make money and how you shouldn’t expect to make much.

Well, one, if you look at how to make money from home, online surveys pop up all the time, alongside stuff like blogging and dog-walking, insinuating that you can make a good bit of money. Not enough to pay bills, of course. But enough where I can buy myself and my boyfriend some food surely? Also, even if it was, like, $10 a week or something, I’d be fine with that as ay, it’s something, ya know? But, when you look at the two things I listed above, you can probably understand the struggle that just getting accepted into a survey caused. Plus, having to save up points to be able to redeem which takes forever. Try $5 or $10 every three to four months if you're lucky.

And personally? I just don’t find it worth it at the end of the day. Honestly? Between you and me, you just need 4 apps to help get that kind of money and for way less frustration and effort on your part: Receipt Hog, CoinOut, Achievement, and One Pulse. And no, this isn’t sponsored, this is just me trying to help you all out and keep you from falling down the same pitfalls I did.

Receipt Hog and CoinOut are similar as you just scan receipts and get money from them. For ReceiptHog, you get coins that you can redeem after 1,000 for $5 directly to your Paypal. For CoinOut, you actually get change. You can get anywhere from one cent to twenty-cent per receipt. And once you hit $10 you can redeem to Paypal. Plus, there are some bonuses that you can use to build up that cash. The one I’m personally using requires me to save $20 and then I’ll get $1 for free so I’m saving up for that. The only thing is you can only scan a certain amount of receipts per day whilst ReceiptHog is unlimited. But, that’s literally it, it’s super easy and I have actually been able to redeem money from ReceiptHog. CoinOut is a new app I decided to try out but it all seems super cool.

Achievement is much simpler. The healthier you are, the more points you get. You connect it to stuff like your Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Twitter, Google Fit, etc. and every time you workout, track your calories, or even tweet about something healthy, you’ll get points. Get 10,000 and you get $10. Of course, for me, it’s taking forever because I haven’t been on my best fitness-wise, hehe. But still! It doesn’t even really matter that it takes forever because you don’t have to do anything. It goes and works in the background and just collects points for you. No reason to not have it, I say.

For OnePulse, you just answer questions anonymously and get XP which can be used to help you make more money per paid question. Like, I currently make thirty-four cents per paid question and once I have $5 I can payout directly to Paypal. And they are, like, 5 questions max and they’re super simple and easy to do and they’re all different and kinda centered around what’s going on currently so they’re pretty fun to answer and don’t take up your time. You can do it while you’re in the bathroom or something. And you get notifications whenever a paid ‘Pulse’ comes up where you need to quickly answer it as it can get full if you don’t get to it soon enough. But, as I said, it’s simple, easy to use, and I’ve cashed out many times, haha.

I would recommend these apps over those survey sites any day.

SO, I hope I helped make things easier for you. Of course, if you still wanna try and do surveys or are even doing well with it, then go on with your bad self! I’ll just stick to my own apps, thank you very much, haha.

Everyone wants to make money without doing anything, that’s a known fact of humanity right there. SO, why not actually put yourself out there to attempt this? Of course, you can’t make a living off of any of this but still, getting $5 to $10 at a semi-frequent rate is pretty damn neat, not gonna lie, haha. That’s Starbucks and Chipotle money right there!

Anyway, if you enjoyed this post, please consider letting me know your thoughts! Meanwhile, I will catch you all on the flip side!

Diamond C.
Diamond C.
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