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The Secret to the Perfect Acrylic Blending Technique

by Allison Prior 2 years ago in crafts

How to Make your own Magic White for Blending Acrylics.

Secret to Blending Acrylics

Are you a new artist, or maybe a beginner who paints once in a while, or just want to learn more and get better?

There is so much to learn when you start your painting journey, from what brushes to use to what colors to mix to what brands of paints are the best to buy. But the one thing most acrylic painters have a very difficult time with is blending the paint colors. Acrylics dry very fast, not like oil painting; with oils you can paint for days and your paint stays wet—it's called wet on wet painting.

I started my art journey in 2000 when my hubby bought me oil paints for Christmas. I had no clue how to paint, so I watched Bob Ross videos and loved it, but it took me years to learn, and I am still learning. I switched to acrylics to get away from the mess and fumes of oils.

I always had a hard time blending the acrylic paints unless I used a lot of paint or water; it was frustrating and I couldn't get the results I wanted.

After years of painting, watching videos, and reading art instructions books, and also attending workshops and classes, I started to get the hang of it, and then started teaching new students what I had learned.. .

I started a YouTube channel back in 2008, but didn't start uploading three times a week until 2017 .

Creating videos with YouTube inspires me to come up with new ideas, to help new artists learn fast and have fun.

In this video you will learn how on make a blending recipe for painting wet on wet with acrylics. Your paints can stay wet up to one hour. The colors will blend beautifully and smoothly, and you won't need to use as much paint or water to keep them wet. Also, your colors will be brighter.

Some people ask about Gesso—what is it, how to use it, should I prime my canvas with Gesso, how many coats should I use, should I varnish my paestions, so many things to learn, and I find when new artists start painting, they think they should be able to do a painting with ease, but they can't figure out what they are doing wrong, why their painting didn't turn out like the tutorials they were following, or the picture they used as reference...

This is just one beginning to learning how to paint and how to blend acrylics.

I also get people who want to sell their art when they get more experience asking me for tips on how to sell their art> this is what I tell them:

Tips on Selling Art for my Facebook Group:

Tip 1. Join as Many groups on Facebook about art, for example: "art for sale" and "promote your art." You can search for groups, and it doesn't have to be the exact name, they will come up on Facebook..

Tip 2: Sell your art at Art Fairs, Crafts fairs, and online stores, such as "Etsy." Search the web for the best places to sell art—there are lots. I will send more more links soon.

Tip 3: Have a website or Blog and share your link on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest;

Tip 4: Put your art on Tee Shirts. I use Tee Public. I've sold five shirts so far, and while commission is low, I enjoy selling. Tee Spring is another one, but I didn't sell many there. You art will also go on their mugs, posters, etc.

Tip 5: You can also paint on glass, dishes, rocks, wood, mailboxes, etc. and sell them.

Tip 6: Take commissioned art—do paintings for people from their pictures. Make up a price list to help them choose the size and medium they want you to do..

Learning how to paint is a wonderful experience, and I will be creating and painting for a long time. There are so many learning experiences I can have for the rest of my life because Art is a lifetime learning experience.

Try this wet on wet technique with Magic White and painting with acrylics!

Allison Prior

Allison Prior
Allison Prior
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Allison Prior

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