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The power of subconscious mind

In first part we saw that professor was giving a lecture about the mind to his students, let's look further what lessons he delivered to his students.

By AashiPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The power of subconscious mind
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By using the subconscious mind, we can make our careers, and relationships, successful. The teacher further said that to improve the environment around you, the environment around you has a lot of influence on your life. You can do these things to make the environment around you good.

1.Stay away from narrow l minded people.
take advice from successful people. If there is no successful person or good thinking person around you then take support of good books.
2. Don't speak badly about anyone. Don't talk negatively about anyone. Don't believe in rumors.
3. Always try to bring the best in your work, so that only better people will join you.
Improve your perspective. The way we think is called perspective. Some people become happy by earning little money and on the other hand, there are those people who remain humble even after earning immense wealth. Everyone has a different way of thinking and seeing the same circumstances.

Let's talk about that perspective that helps a person to become successful.
1.I am mentally strong.
Never underestimate yourself. Always keep telling myself that I am mentally strong. I don't give up even in bad situations. A person with such an attitude can never live in a circle of anxiety and tension.
2. Deed bestowal, the person who has this attitude always tries to give more to others than taking help or money from them. A person having such an attitude becomes very successful in life because people trust them more.
3. Always think of doing more than others. You have to work harder than others, Tell yourself this. Doing this is also a step towards success. If a student is preparing himself for the exam and is studying for one hour, then you have to make a habit of studying for more hours than that. Because of this attitude, the trust of many people not only increases, but the chances of being successful also increase.
4. Think good and do good for people because our good image is made in society only by other people. If you misbehave with one person, that one person will badmouth you to the next 10 people and those 10 people will badmouth you to the next 10 people. Then you will have such a bad image. That's why give respect to everyone and talk with respect. There is no cost involved in this. Some people have the habit of making fun of others' weaknesses and shortcomings, but doing so is a bad thing, so don't let them do it and help that person alone. This person will respect you all his life and will help you whenever you need it.
5. Similarly, learn to forgive the mistakes of others and give them a chance to rectify them. No person in the world is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Throw yourself into work. Some people have the habit of staying in bed the whole day and just thinking 'I will do this' but doing so will waste your time. That's why I think, speak less and do more.
For example, if you have to study, stop thinking and sit straight to study.
6. First plan about any work that is necessary and then start doing that work. Planning any work took only 5% of the time. That and spend the rest 95% of the time doing that work.
7. Don't try to make everything perfect in the first go. It will get better with time.
8. Learn to convert failure into success. There is a lesson in every failure, so learn it and move on. Even if you lose in a small test, don't be afraid to appear in the battle of your life. If you fail any exam, do not give up in a panic, but work harder, and maybe you will become more successful in life.
9. It is not the success or failure of the past that determines our future, but what we do today determines our future.
Encourage yourself without expecting from others, spend some time in solitude, and meditate.
Make a goal, and come forward, because living without a goal is like sitting in a boat without expecting any shore.


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