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101 things to do instead of going outside.


Hey everyone, I know that we're in a super weird time where we've been told to "stay home if we can," "work from home" and generally speaking, "avoid people."

I'm pretty introverted, so naturally, I was happy to be told to stay home, isolating myself from my friends and work peers, and help to flatten the curve of this insane COVID-19 sickness where I live here in Canada.

Some of my friends aren't exactly so introverted, and many of them really do need social interaction in order to feel .... well ... happy!

Therefore, I've created a masterlist of every single thing I can think of that you can do while at home by yourself, (with my own little comedic twist of course). I hope this helps some of you more extroverted humans out there pass the time efficiently and happily!

101 Things to do During Social Distancing

  1. Call or FaceTime a friend or family member - they're probably bored too.
  2. Check in on your elderly loved ones via email, message or call
  3. Make a Vision Board for your future with some neat things that you'd like to accomplish
  4. Find some DIY home craft ideas on Pinterest. This should happen if you have mason jars just hangin' around - they're basically asking to be DIY-ed!
  5. Reorganize your bedroom - refreshing your room by moving stuff around can mix it up a little and get you a bit more excited to be spending more time at home
  6. Vacuum your home, or that rug that you've been meaning to forever.
  7. Meal plan for the coming weeks, taking into account that you may not be able to get certain foods at your local grocery stores later.
  8. do some extra loads of laundry!
  9. Create an amazing budget for the coming months, or learn how to use Excel or Google Sheets first if you don't already
  10. Learn a new skill off YouTube or Patreon! There are tons of creators with knowledge who are waiting to teach you
  11. Learn how to draw your childhood stuffed animal
  12. Create a children's book with illustrations, the book doesn't have to make sense, and quite frankly, could be a fun and inappropriate little book that never reaches the eyeballs of children.
  13. Spend some quality time playing with your pet! (I'm sure they're happy you're home too!)
  14. Create a new blog, complete with a marketing plan and branding ideas!
  15. Ever had a story idea that was itching to come out, well now's your chance. Messily jot every idea for your story down and tape them to your wall, maybe a wonderful piece of writing will jump out at you!
  16. Make a DIY face scrub out of coffee grinds and coconut oil.
  17. That door frame or window that needed's your chance!
  18. Clean out your garage, create a better storage system for it. You might actually find some fun stuff that you forgot you had.
  19. Go through old photos or memory boxes with your family - nothin' better than laughing at little kid pictures of yourself with those you care about, ammiright?
  20. family BOARD GAME NIGHT!
  21. cook dinner together, or learn how to cook a new meal by yourself with what you have!
  22. Reorganize your linen closet, because nobody's got time for that otherwise
  23. Find some cool forums online based on your interests and chat with some new friends who are also stuck at home.
  24. If you're into makeup, try out a new look or a different application technique and take some cool photos
  25. Speaking of 'cool photos,' impromptu photo shoot anyone?? Your house is probably clean at this point anyways.
  26. Spend time in your backyard actually admiring nature, maybe you'll take interest in the birds or the little bugs and that might lead you to some time-consuming research questions.
  27. Go for a walk to the nearest park (be sanitary about it though please)
  28. Build a BLANKET FORT! I'm sure everyone has some sort of Christmas Lights in their home somewhere, might as well add that to the mix too and have a fun place to hangout!
  29. See if you have old paints laying around in the garage, this could be a great time for a painting project for either a room, canvas, rock or wooden object!
  30. Reorganize your closet. You know you want to.
  31. Read a book if you have enough patience and focus for that.
  32. Write a short story about anything at all, it could be something as random as a lemur that doesn't like coconuts having to take a bath. Be creative!
  33. Start a puzzle and attempt to have the patience to finish it
  34. Clean your couch, you might find some loose change anyways.
  35. Have a family movie night, or share your Netflix screens to your friends and have an e-movie night (still really happy this is a thing now)
  36. Brush your pet's fur
  37. Make a list of things you're grateful for, it'll be beneficial for you in more ways than one
  38. Start writing for Vocal!
  39. Watch a Documentary on something that you're interested in and would like to learn more about
  40. Find your new favorite YouTuber and check out all their content
  41. Create a healthier lifestyle for yourself by making new diet plans, exercise routines and self-care habits, because you might as well get your life on track while you're stuck by yourself doing nothing.
  42. Research nutrition and dieting facts while you're at it
  43. Do some yoga! There are incredible routines online that you can follow that don't require much space. Might as well become a pretzel. Pretzels are good.
  44. Have a "Coffee Date" with a friend over FaceTime
  45. Research COVID-19 and stay up-to-date on the daily changes in your region, just don't make yourself go insane.
  46. Reach out to internet friends and see if they're handling the pandemic okay now that you're not because you've just researched it yourself.
  47. Prepare iced tea or iced coffee for later
  48. Make ice cubes if you don't have any for that iced coffee or tea.
  49. Fill a donation box to your local goodwill (obviously don't drop it off until your social isolating has come to an end and it's safe)
  50. Bring out some summer clothes and hide some winter ones, summer isn't cancelled even though everything else seems to be
  51. Make a tea-latte! (Pinterest has amazing recipes)
  52. Paint old recycled glass jars and use them as flower holders, if you have any flowers that is.
  53. Make a Bath Bomb at home (if you have the ingredients)
  54. Wash your bathtub so you can use the homemade bath bomb.
  55. Build a model plane or car if you're into that sort of thing and have one on hand
  56. Clean out your fridge, ya filthy animal!
  57. Organize your Tupperware drawer!
  58. Paint your nails
  59. ...paint your pet's nails
  60. Send friends or acquaintances some love in a message or a comment. Spreading positive energy helps everyone out!
  61. Dye your hair. If you don't have dye at home then wait until you can get some, trying to makeshift kool aid might not be the effect you're looking for.
  62. Make some more coffee, you'll think of something
  63. Clean out the "under the sink" part of your bathroom that you've been meaning to clean forever and just never got around to it
  64. If you've been looking to change jobs, now would be the time to make the best resume you've ever seen and do lots of research on where you want to go
  65. Light some candles and take some time to meditate, clearing out all the terrible panicky energy that is currently engulfing us all
  66. Find a new podcast, preferably not about COVID-19, but noone's judging here.
  67. Make lots of new playlists
  68. Draw eyebrows on your dog. You're welcome.
  69. Play charades with your family. (Heads Up is an amazing app for that)
  70. Make your own version of Family Feud
  71. Spray shaving foam all over the floor and have a slip n' slide! Might as well use this as an excuse to make a mess then clean it up, you're not doing anything anyways!
  72. Look up fun little science experiments like growing sugar crystals
  73. Clean out your email for Pete's sake.
  74. Make a new Tumblr for something specific that you love, or maybe just for funny cat memes.
  75. Make some more coffee, if I haven't said that already.
  76. Do your whole skincare routine, complete with a mask and scrub, so you look B-E-A-UTIFUL coming out of your solitary confinement.
  77. Play online video games with your friends
  78. Try your hand at origami
  79. Find cute photos of animals and share them to your friends to cheer them up
  80. Have a movie marathon of your favorite movie series like Marvel or Harry Potter. If you don't know all the words to all the movies that is.
  81. Host a trivia night online, or participate in one, or just quiz yourself because...why not.
  82. Play online phone games like UNO or Scrabble with your friends since you have no actual board games at home.
  83. Virtually redecorate your room (plan for the awesome redecoration when the pandemic has calmed down a bit)
  84. Learn how to doodle, or follow tutorials on YouTube if you suck at doodling usually.
  85. Wipe down surfaces that are commonly touched, like your phone, door handles, knobs and coffee makers.
  86. Give your pet a bath if they need it or if they stink and you've been putting it off.
  87. Do the dishes and keep your kitchen 'clean and clear and under control'
  88. Make up a new board game or card game that you can play by yourself
  89. Find videos that make you laugh, whether that be funny stand-up comedians, funny fails on YouTube, or silly animals (laughing actually benefits your immune system too!)
  90. Make a funny TikTok, Instagram Story or Snap - might as well spread the laughter yourself
  91. Look up some unique facts that no one else seems to know, just to have them in your arsenal for later discussions where you may need to fill dead air
  92. Purchase a new game on Steam
  93. Surf through the app store, or check recommendations on Reddit, for a new and addicting mobile game to melt some brain cells!
  94. Learn how to use Reddit, Pinterest or Instagram if you don't know already. That's a time-killer for sure.
  95. Get rid of the spiderwebs in the corners of your living room. If you have gloves already so you don't get sick, might as well put them to good use.
  96. Reorganize the files on your computer so you can find things easier in the future...because again, getting your life back on track while you're off anyways is a good thing.
  97. Bedazzle something if you have glitter and glue
  98. Read some more amazing articles from the creators on Vocal!
  99. Learn a TikTok dance, because why the hell not.
  100. Wash your bedset so you sleep even better tonight.
  101. Wash your hands again...hey it doesn't hurt!

That's all I've got folks. Stay safe, stay inside and we'll get through this together, one step at a time!


Lydia Catherine
Lydia Catherine
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