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The Example Of Optimistic and Pessimistic people

Why they are different

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
The Example Of Optimistic and Pessimistic people
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Hope teaches us to analyze the hidden possibilities in people and Helps turn creative ideas into reality. It's a feeling that increases levels of happiness, helps reduce stress, and opens the door to possibilities to improve our quality of life. There are many differences in the thinking of optimists and pessimists. Let 'X' be the optimist and 'Y' the pessimist. Now how do they see their work or think differently?

'X' says I can adapt.

But as 'Y' says, I cannot adapt.

Where 'X' believes, anyway will be found.

But 'Y' thinks there is no other way. 'Y' — 'Why does everything happen against me?'.

'X' — 'I should think about why I didn't get the results I expected.

'Y' — 'I can't do the job without someone's help'.

'X' — 'Looking at what things I can do alone?'

Depression is a concept that cannot be changed in people's minds. Despair keeps us from thinking that the situation is still favorable, which intensifies the possibility of failure. Sometimes there comes a moment when it seems that all hope is lost. But hope is an indomitable force that helps overcome all obstacles.

If the hope is positive then it is beneficial. Every day will help you leave the house with a positive mindset and protect your mental health. Mental health is an essential element for us without which we cannot function well. Mental health depends on how active you are in your work. In general, you realize with yourself, that the day you wake up early in the morning, exercise, and make a plan for the day, you are in a much better mood. On that day, the percentage of being active in all your activities increases a lot. The mind is so energized that a task can be done more easily and happily than on other days.

But sometimes you may have days where you wake up very late. Only 1-2 hours left for the office to start. In this situation, you are in a hurry to go to the office. Somehow, after breakfast, he left for the office. But on reaching the office, you feel that you have left an important paper. How would you feel then? You will be in a bad mood. Your morning was not off to a good start. So you will feel very stressed during the whole day of work. Even simple tasks will leave you prone to mistakes. So the key is to maintain good mental health. Having good mental health will automatically boost your confidence.

By Abbat on Unsplash

We are very conscious about our physical health. I go to the doctor when I get a little sick. But it should be remembered that mental illness is one of the barriers to physical health. So we have to give up all those habits that hurt our mental health. The lifestyle of a mentally healthy and cheerful person is never messy. Mental health must be addressed to gain self-confidence.

Hope shows possible paths in the worst of times. Although we may go through difficult times. In these difficult times, we see the faintest possibility because hope forces us to see it. Hope is not a passive wish but plays an active role in positive walks in life and setting the right goals. Hope acts as the secret power to make the right plan and stick to the goal with risk. The ability to bounce back from failure is true success. Success does not come with starting work. Life is never a bed of flowers and success does not come overnight. to achieve success. You have to stick to work with confidence. All the rich and successful people we hear about in the world now have stories of ups and downs.


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