The Best Double Glazed Windows For Your Home

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Benefits And Features Of A Double Glazed Windows

The Best Double Glazed Windows For Your Home

Having a house in the city amidst the hustle and bustle of traffic can be pretty annoying to handle. With all the noise of the traffic, harsh weather and pollution, keeping your house well proofed from it all. The right solution to this problem is fixing the perfect double-glazed windows in your house.

The term double glazed refers to the presence of two panes of insulated glass units or IGUs separated by a still layer of gas or air along with a spacer, which are fitted into widened window frames. These windows are preferred more of late as they are ideally energy efficient and effectively minimize noise.

Presence of air between the two panels provides insulation to the window and essentially provides thermal resistance during winter, keeping you warm and comfortable. During summer the heat is reflected out of the house, giving the house a cooler tone.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Installing Double Glazed Windows:

Energy and Cost Effective

The vacuum effect of the double panel allows the window to create a thermal insulation on both the inside and outside of the house, thus reducing both inflow and outflow of heat. Thus, less energy is used to heat and cool the house.

Condensation Limitation

The airspace between both glass panels of the double-glazed window along with the air-tight seal blocks moisture and thus prevents condensation on the window. This helps control decrease in room temperature caused by the condensation of moisture on the window surface.

Noise Cancellation

The double glass panelling of the window allows for effective reduction of noise and improves sound insulation in the house.


Double glazing of the window makes the window tougher to break and increases the security of your house. Tighter sealing of the panes restricts any easy breach of security especially from the outside.

Weathering & Damage Reduction

The vacuum effect of the window panels as well as the double glazing prevents sunlight from directly heating and weathering up the furniture as well as aesthetics such as paintings, carpets, curtains and other objects in the house.

Double Glazed Window Features:

It can be confusing to decide on the right double glazed window for your house. Worry not! Here are some simple factors you can check for to ensure you choose the right window for your house:

Space Between the Glass Panes

The gap between the two glass panels decides the optimum thermal performance, good acoustics as well as noise reduction. A minimum 12 mm gap should support thermal performance while 15 mm gap helps with noise reduction. Also the larger the gap, the lesser the insulating effect.

Choice of Gas Between panels

Although vacuum between the two glass panels can have the intended insulating effect for the house, thermal as well as acoustic performance can be elevated by filling the gap with select gas. For instance, argon which has low conductivity helps increase insulation.

Glass Type

There are a large variety of glasses that are used in window paneling, supporting different purposes of your house. A Low-E and laminated glasses elevates energy efficiency and promotes noise control. It further diminishes the amount of heat that escapes. As opposed, a thicker and laminated double glazed window panel would disrupt sound waves and helps enhance acoustic performance.

Double glazed windows can let you have a secure and well insulated house that is aesthetically pleasing too. By choosing the right framing material that complements the choice of glass, the performance of your window pane can be enhanced. Add elegance with perfect acoustics to your home by choosing the perfect window.

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