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The Benefits of Industrial Doors

Industrial Doors can be key to your business's appearance and growth

By Life and ChatPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Doors are often overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Useful tools for entry but their other benefits tend to fall away. Industrial roller shutter doors are an important and effective investment for your business that provide a lot of benefits that may not be readily apparent. It’s also the case that such a simple and vital thing as a door means that a lot of the benefits are rather obvious but that doesn’t make them any less vital to your business and its growth. Here is a list of the main benefits an industrial roller shutter door can bring to your company.

1. Security

Industrial roller shutter doors are bulky and made from steel, making them excellent deterrents for criminals and would-be chancers attempting to brute force into your property. Their design removes obvious gaps and points of entry and the electronic mechanism used to open the door gives you control over the entrance to your building.

2. Safety

Most industrial doors will be installed in a setting where there will be a lot of foot traffic and safety will be a high priority to keep staff or customers protected. This is why industrial doors come with anti fallback features and most also feature further protection to avoid the door crushing someone or something underneath the door when the mechanism is activated.

3. Weather Protection

Roller shutter doors provide more protection from the increasingly rough elements than standard doors. Keeping an ambient temperature in a big factory or work area can be difficult but an industrial door supports this by keeping the wind and heat out when necessary. This allows for a better and more consistent working environment. Insulated doors are also available which provide better support and are perfect for companies that need temperature control.

4. Fire Protection

In most industrial settings, the risk of fire is quite high so a roller shutter door is ideal as it can help contain the fire and there are different types of door available depending on the likelihood of fire and the potential severity. Fire resistant or fire-rated roller shutter doors are available and provide strong protection against fire.

5. More Space Efficient

Due to the opening mechanism of roller shutter doors, they open upwards instead of the traditional inwards motion. This means that they are less intrusive and more suitable for smaller buildings, which is why they are often used for garages. You can also keep things nearer to the door so the overall size of the room increases.

6. Privacy

Sound pollution and overall privacy is becoming a more continual issue for industrial businesses and roller shutter doors are a good solution. They soundproof your premises and also provide coverage so that your work can happen in privacy. Also, if your work is noisy, it can help reduce your own noise pollution and keep with government guidelines.

7. Ease of use

One of the main benefits of a roller shutter door is that they are easy to use with most coming with a power mechanism that can be activated from a distance. Opening and closing the shutter doors is simple yet practical and as long as they are properly serviced and maintained, the opening mechanism is quick and easy.

8. Looking Professional

Appearances are everything and that has never been more true in business. A roller shutter door makes your business look more proper and the bigger entrance way has a bit more gravitas than a small door. Also, the doors can be easily painted and finished to provide a slick and nice look. Simply put, a roller shutter door is what people expect from your industrial business and meeting that expectation will go a long way. Never underestimate the value of a strong first impression.

9. Longevity

The main thing most people are worried about when it comes to industrial doors is the maintenance and upkeep that comes with them. It has to be said that the average industrial door is going to be a bigger investment and will need more professional maintenance than a standard door. This is just the nature of the door and its mechanisms. However, if properly maintained and serviced, an industrial door will last a long while without the need for replacement or any major downtime. While the extra cost may hang heavier in the wallet for a bit, the overall benefits will outweigh the cost rather quickly.

Industrial doors are an investment, something that your business will need to benefit from in order to be worth the value that they cost. However, with this long list of perks and bonuses, we hope you see the value in them as they can be a crucial resource in helping your business grow and pull in the level of clients you want to attract.

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