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Ten artsy things to buy at the Dollar Tree

by Christina Epperly 11 months ago in crafts
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Dollar Tree can help you stock your art supplies

Ten artsy things to buy at the Dollar Tree
Photo by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

I love getting creative it's wonderful for mental health and self-care. It’s also a great way to express yourself. However, art supplies can be expensive. Fortunately, the Dollar has a pretty great selection of art supplies that should fit right into your budget. I love checking out the art supplies section whenever I go to Dollar Tree. Here is a list of the artsy things that I like to get from the Dollar Tree.

1.Stickers - the Dollar Tree is one of the best places to find stickers. They have a wide variety of options. Everything from sticker sheets to puffy stickers. I have gotten Disney stickers and My Little Pony stickers from Dollar Tree. I have a sticker drawer in my room and there are many Dollar Tree stickers in this drawer. The price plus the selection that Dollar Tree has makes this my go to place for stickers.

2.Paint - I love getting paint at Dollar Tree. They have both washable and acrylic paint. There are also plenty of colors to choose from. I will continue to buy my paint here for the foreseeable future.

3.Wooden items - Dollar Tree has a large selection of fun wooden items to paint, decorate or color. I love seeing all the wooden pieces that Dollar Tree has to offer. One of my favorite wooden items that I have gotten at Dollar Tree is a wooden butterfly that I decorated with paint and beads. I also got a wooden sign that says relax. These items can make great gifts as well as fun home decorations.

4.Beads - making bracelets is one of my favorite crafts ever. Dollar Tree’s affordability makes it easy to keep beads around. There is also a good selection of beads to choose from. I have gotten glow in the dark beads as well as shaped beads from the Dollar Tree.

5.Craft kits - I love craft kits! I'm always buying them. Dollar Tree is a great place for seasonal craft kits such as paintable Christmas ornaments and Christmas stockings that you can color. In addition to the seasonal items, you can find craft kits all year round at the Dollar Tree. I love the Crayola brand craft kits that are almost always at the Dollar Tree these days. Other craft kits that I have seen there include sand craft kits, spin art and rock painting kits

6.Play dough - I have some playdoh brand play dough that I got from Dollar Tree. I see the brand name there pretty often. Play dough is a fun item for all ages and it is also great for stress relief. This is an easy thing to pick up while you are shopping at the Dollar Tree, and it is a great thing for creative people to have around.

7. Crayons - for a while crayons were not an item that was worth buying at the Dollar Tree. Then they started selling Crayola crayons and now I buy them all the time. I have gotten the glitter crayons here as well as the metallic kind. If you are looking for Crayola crayons the Dollar tree is the place to go.

8.Coloring books- Going along with the item above, coloring books are an excellent thing to buy at the dollar tree. They usually have a wonderful selection of books with some of your favorite things to color. Some coloring books that I have seen at the Dollar Tree before Include Barbie, Disney and Crayola.

9. Paint brushes – Along with all the paint at the Dollar Tree there are plenty of paint brushes to go with it. The paint brushes are available in sets with different sizes. I’m not good about washing off my paint brushes after I use them so when I need new ones the Dollar Tree is there for me.

10. Decorations – I know that this is not art supplies, but artsy and creative people need to express themselves and decorating your space is a great way to do that. The Dollar tree has plenty of cute décor items to chose from. I have a fun banner hanging in my room that I got from the Dollar Tree. I also have to wooden signs hanging on my wall. If you are looking for some inexpensive and fun decorations, the Dollar Tree is the place to go.


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