Suspect Lead in a Home, Yet Afraid to Ask? Be Informed of Its Dangers to Formulate Solutions!

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Whenever you buy a new home or inherit one from your guardians, you can’t help screaming yippee at the top of your lungs!

Suspect Lead in a Home, Yet Afraid to Ask? Be Informed of Its Dangers to Formulate Solutions!

Whenever you buy a new home or inherit one from your guardians, you can’t help screaming yippee at the top of your lungs! But did you ever feel scared at the thought of moving into a new property? Yes, we know of many cases, and it’s but natural! Now imagine knowing or even suspecting that your home contains potential dangers for you! For example – if your property has asbestos or lead! Isn’t it enough to scare you to death? Are you thinking that to live on the streets would be better than moving to that new house which threatens your wellbeing? But there are a whole lot of options and lots to know about such dangers. So, for now, drop the idea of selling your lovely inherited property or leaving the newly bought house (or the nightmare of living on the streets!) just because you don’t know how to handle the threat. Well, experts do, and they are ready to help!

Firstly, let’s talk about these harmful agents that can be found in any property. The most dangerous amongst the many such things can be asbestos and lead! Lead was quite a common key ingredient in home paints in yesteryears all across the world. The favouritism it gained ensured it to be a part of almost every home that was built then. And if you are acquiring a property that’s of a bygone era, there is a high chance of lead being present in most parts of your property.

The much needed information about lead in your property and the possible solutions to it

No one invites danger and neither goes to it directly! So, it’s wise to check out all the options available before you move into a property that may have lead in its foundation. And if you’re still ignorant about most of these issues, or want to know about the potential dangers and its step-by-step solution, then read on!

Be sure of lead in the paint — Being sure of lead in the paint is crucial before delving more and treating it. There’s this option of property inspections in Christchurch by SavvyHouz. They are experts in property inspections and carry out a detailed search of your property in order to find out whether the property is worth an investment and safe to stay. One of the crucial factors they check is -- whether lead is a part of your paint (or not).

Find the areas of danger — Once the results are positive, check properly the reports to know which of the areas have lead.! Most of the time, these are the painted areas around your window and doors and their frames.

Understand the level of danger — Lead (if exposed for long) can be a serious cause of many lung diseases and other serious health disorders. Mostly children and senior citizens are more vulnerable. While it stays under the paint layer, it isn't too dangerous. But when the paint gets chipped and broken, the danger doubles, and there’s a high chance you could feel the impact.

Treat the issue — Treating lead could simply be removing it totally from your property and repainting it afresh. But, that’s easier said than done. The procedure is pretty long and may cost you too much, as it involves dealing with the entire property and even renovating some areas completely. That is why most homeowners do encapsulate lead with a fresh coat of paint instead. A special kind of encapsulation paint is used for creating a watertight seal on the lead-paint underneath. Whichever among the two you may opt for, ensure these procedures are carried on by professionals, and the house is vacant during this period.

Now that you know everything about lead and its potential dangers, we are sure you are eager to go for the solutions. When this dangerous component is eradicated (or encapsulated) from your property, you can finally yell yippee and move in with gusto!

Natalie Ige
Natalie Ige
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