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Style Your Sheepskin Rugs

Ways To Style Your Sheepskin Rugs

By COMPUTER WEB CORNERPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Ways To Style Your Sheepskin Rugs

If you are thinking about buying a sheepskin rug, simply go for it. Real and artificial animal furs have been used to cosy up houses for as long as humans have wandered the planet- they are fantastic for adding extra warmth to a bed, acting as seating, and quickly conveying an intimate atmosphere. Making your house as pleasant as possible could help alleviate the winter blues, especially now that the weather is swiftly dropping down and we will be spending a lot more time indoors again.

If you got a fake sheepskin rug for your living room and you really adore it. It provides fun to an otherwise classic area and neatly separated a reading nook inside a larger room. However, the faux fur cannot be washed, and you are left wishing you would have simply bought the genuine thing, because there are so many areas in your house that might benefit from a little hygge.

So, we have compiled a list of our favourite ways to use the ever-versatile sheepskin around the house. Believe us, they are more than simply an accent rug.

Layer It On A Bigger Rug For Added Texture

Designers frequently stack smaller, more elaborate rugs on top of larger, simpler ones. Not only can you replace the top rug with different rotating décor, but you can also invest in a smaller statement rug and make it feel more significant within a space.

Use As A Pet Bed

Your pet is gorgeous, but so are its accessories. If the brown tones of microfiber at Petco bore you, try setting down a sheepskin for them in their normal resting location. You may also put a layer of protection between the harder-to-clean couch and your pet by fluffing it up for them.

Texture Your Dining Chair

This application is everywhere, and you would ever get tired of seeing it. A casual pelt thrown over a dining chair or seat instantly makes the area feel warmer and more Winterfell-like- in the nicest way.

Build Separate Sections in a Bigger Room

Of course, this is one of the favourite applications for many. To maintain a warm atmosphere, place your rug behind the sofa and end table to clearly define a reading area. It's also nice to tread barefoot onto a plush rug.

Wrap It Around The Christmas Tree

Excellent tree skirts (i.e., ones you will want to use year after year) are surprisingly difficult to come by, yet the finest one is already in your living room. Wrap your white sheepskin around the base of the tree for the season instead of a tree skirt, then reuse it after the holidays.

Hide The AC Unit Off-Season.

You can also use your sheepskin to conceal your unattractive AC unit when it is not in use during the winter. Although not every tenant has the option to store a unit in a closet or remove it from a high-rise window, a little fur may disguise even the most utilitarian of equipment. Not to mention that it shields you from the winter draught.

Set It Up As A Soft Nursery Landing

Yeah, so it's not spit-up proof, but wouldn't it make the sweetest backdrop for a newborn photo? You can keep sheepskins at the foot and on the sides of cribs in innumerable nursery reveal photos, and you will be never sick of it.

A Chair Cushion Cover

You can go additional mile and staple the sheepskin on, but you can just drape one over a chair cushion r and it works well. You will end up staying with the sheepskin for much longer than you can expect.

Wrap It Around The Couch

Is there anything more hygge than a sheepskin stretched over a sofa? There isn't any. Put some logs in the fireplace and some hot cocoa on the stove, and you are good to go.

And to get these amazing fur and sheepskin rugs, you need not to go anywhere else because TrueGether has got you covered. It is the best alternative to eBay that offers a wide range of home décor items at affordable prices only for you. Start your shopping now.

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