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Stop Googling How to Run Your Business

by Paul and Jordan Aspen 7 months ago in social media · updated 7 months ago
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Learn from these experts for free instead

Stop Googling How to Run Your Business
Photo by Adrian Regeci on Unsplash

I've learned a lot from Google, and YouTube, and Pinterest, and Facebook, and Instagram about starting and running an online business. It's incredible how much free information there is out there!

It's incredible how much free info is out there...

Some of it's good. Some of it's bad. And some of it's downright ugly. That's perhaps the biggest thing I've learned from looking to random free resources on the internet: You can find anything and everything and you're lucky if it is actually right for you and your business.

Back when I started my first business 15+ years ago I was lost. There wasn't much in the way of support, so I figured it out as I went along. There was a lot of trial-and-error and a lot of time and money wasted.

So I quit and tried out a day job. That didn't last long.

Back to the online entrepreneurial path I went, but this time I had a mentor. He spoke to me via his podcast and didn't even know I existed.

This was the power of focused free info on the internet: I was able to re-start my business with tried-and-true methods that I learned from a consistent source who did business the way I wanted to do business.

It's like Eden Fried, creator of the Rebel Boss Summit, says:

"People always ask me how to accelerate your results and grow faster as a business owner. The best answer I can possibly give: learn from other people who are already getting the results that you want to get!

Learn from experts!"

It's true that you can find these experts through Google (or YouTube, etc). But you know what else you can find? Trash. People who want to sell to you more than help you. Outdated advice. Even outright lies.

Do not despair! These search engines were never meant to be your free-mentor-in-a-box.

You know what is though? The Rebel Boss Summit.

In fact, it's better than a free-mentor-in-a-box because you won't just hear from one expert, you'll hear from 30.

These thirty seasoned business owners have the information you need to succeed in the online space, especially if you want to all-in on selling digital products like courses and eBooks.

Here are just taste of what you can expect:

  • Make Money Online Using Low Content Products with Faith Lee
  • Build Your List Without Paid Ads thanks to Liz Wilcox
  • Turn Subscribers into Customers with Kim DeGracia
  • Learn about Profitable Customer Journey Funnels from Chelsea Clarke
  • Write Sales Pages That People *Actually* Enjoy Reading with Dani Paige
  • Oh... and Get Other People To Sell For You Through The Power Of Social Proof — that's what I'll be speaking on 😉

The Rebel Boss Summit is a source you can trust. No more searching for the answers as you sift through conflicting information. At this summit you will find what you are looking for.

For four days we will come together online, expert and newbie, to help each other grow our digital product businesses. We will share strategies that will let us all sell more, find better customers, and best of all, serve those customers well. Will you join us?

Be sure to reserve your ticket right away because this is only free through January 28. You can buy extended access if you want (and get a whole bunch of bonuses too), but why not join for free first and try it out?

The whole point of this is not wasting time on information that won't actually help you, so follow these steps to get the most out of this event:

  • Claim your free ticket here
  • Show up live to 2 or 3 presentations each day and figure out if this is truly a good fit for you and your business
  • If it is a good fit, upgrade to the very affordable Extended Access Pass so you can continue to learn and grow your business throughout 2022!
  • It's basically zero risk. In exchange for a couple of hours at a free online event you can learn expert strategies that will get you unstuck and back into growth mode. If these strategies resonate with you and suit your business, you can invest less than $200 to keep learning from a proven source.

    Sounds a lot better than investing 4- or even 5-figures into a program that may not even be a good fit.

    Just think about how much you'll learn for free in those 4 days! many google searches this will save you. much time you will save. you could reach your goals sooner.

    Dedicating 4 days to learning from 30 experts will save countless hours and months of self-study and research.

    Can't wait to see you there!

    Note, links to the Rebel Boss Summit are affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you purchase an all-access pass after clicking them.

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