Sing for Peace

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A Book Written by Jim Gaven

Sing for Peace

Sing for Peace is a book written by yours truly, Jim Gaven, published in October 2019.

Living in today's world can be a daunting challenge. From the everyday distractions of various social media sites to all the battling news outlets, it can be hard to decipher what is good and what isn't. 'Sing For Peace' is a call to action for the human race to utilize our voices for good...all day, every day, and in every situation. With scientific research backing the physiological and psychological benefits of singing to famous saints who were for peace to popular peacemakers of our time to the various symbols and signs signifying peace, I make the case that if we were to sing to each other all-day long, there would be no need for war...ever.

To get a glimpse of the contents of the book, here is an excerpt of the Introduction for your viewing pleasure:


I’d like to do an exercise with you now. Keep in mind that this exercise is meant to encourage you to think differently about a particular moment in time and how it could’ve gone better. Here we go: Let’s think back to a heated conversation you had with your mom, dad, brother, sister, significant other, loved one, friend, colleague. What was it about? Did you and/or the person you were talking with leave the conversation feeling happy/upbeat/inspired or discouraged/disappointed/sad? Chances are good that both of you felt some negative emotion towards the other or even about you or their self. Now, let’s think about how that situation could’ve played out differently. Could you or this person have been more empathetic, understanding, and compassionate? Could you or this other person have paused, collected your thoughts, and responded in a calm, well-thought out manner? Or, was reacting in a highly emotional state the only way to get your point across? Chances are that you could have paused, collected your thoughts, and responded in a well-thought out manner. This is the more mature road to take anyway. We are all in control of our responses to situations. This is something within each one of us that we have to wrestle with, and more often than not, I’m guilty of losing that match. It’s OK if you are, too. We are human. We make mistakes. Let’s learn from these mistakes so as to change our behavior the next time something exactly like or similar to what happened occurs again. This simple, but difficult concept to master, can be applied to all situations in life.

To read the book in its full glory of 154 pages, you can do so by going here:

If you'd rather listen to the book in audio form, you can download it here:

Like I've mentioned in other articles about writing a book, it is no easy task. Writing a song and writing a book are 2 entirely different animals if you ask me. This one required a lot of research in multiple areas, dissecting what I felt was important to share, inserting my two cents where I felt necessary, and then sending it off to the printing press to be read by fine people like you. I'm not one to shy away from constructive criticism, so if there is anything you can offer to make the book better or anything you might disagree with, I'm all eyes and ears. Let's have an open conversation about it.

Thank you for your support in advance!

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Jim Gaven
Jim Gaven
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